Noot's transfer from 104th to CG

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Apr 30, 2019
In-game name: 104th ENG SSG 3462 Noot
Discord Name: NOOT NOOT#5237
Steam Profile:
Current Regiment and Rank: 104th Staff Seargent
Regiment I want to transfer to: CG
Date of last transfer: May 1st
I want to transfer regiment because I dont feel that 104th is the right regiment
I have been on my current Regiment for 15 days.
My current SWRP experience has been very good, i've had some fun times with the 501st and 104th, I will miss them but I would rather be in CG.
I have had CG EXO Trial Thorn and 104th stand-in Commander kitty's permission to transfer.
Yes I accept the terms stated above and the ones the generals added.
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