Ninja's Staff App

Dec 19, 2020
General Info

In-Game Name: 501st SJT T1LT 1004 Kano /CG LCPL 1770 Ninja

Discord Name And Hashtag: J4Y#3535

Preferred name: Jay OR Ninja

Age (Must Be 16+, You May Be Asked To Provide ID): 17 wil turn 18 in June

Timezone: CEST


How Many Regiments Are You Currently Active Within: 501st and CG

How Long Do You Play During The Weekdays (In Hours): 4-5 hours ish

How Long Do You Play During The Week End (Per Day: 4 hours ish

Previous Punishments:

We Will Be Checking These So Do Not Lie.

Have You Recieved Any Previous Punishments On the SWRP Server:Yes

Have You Recieved Any Previous Punishments On Any DC Server:No

About you:

In Your Own Words, What Makes You Stand Out From Other Applications: I am very active almost every day , I have experience being staff on other servers

In Your Own Words, What Would You Bring To Our Staff Team: i would put allot of effort in the server i care for it very much , i am creative and good with people here is a example of one of my mini events/sim

Tell us about you:

Choose ONE Personallity Trait To Describe Yourself And Why: charisma , i am very good with people and very kind

Briefly, Why Should We Accept You In The Staff Team: i think i would be a great addition to the staff team im very active, make people laugh and i put allot of effort in the server.


Have You Ever Been A Staff Member On A SWRP Server: yes

If Yes, What Were Your Duties: builder,senior admin, moderator,co-owner

Have You Ever Been Staff On A GMOD Server:no

If Yes, State What Server Genre (e.g HL2RP, DarkRP) And What Were Your Duties:

Have You Ever Been Staff On Other Servers/Communities:no

If Yes, What Were Your Duties:


A Player has Claimed That A Bounty Hunter Has Killed Them For No Reason, What Would You Do:
check if its true via the logs , and if it is warn him and talk with him so he understands why it is not ok to do trhat.

You Are Playing On The Server With Your Friends, One Of Them Goes AFK In MHB As An RC, What Would You Do: warn him , set his job to Cadet and respawn him , if he is back then im gonna have a word with him and try to make him understand why he got the warning.

A 212th Commander Has Spawned A NBT Bomber On Top Of Players And Has Crushed Them To Death, What Would You Do: i would ask the Commander why he did that and look in the chat if he warned the players to move, but if he did it out of knowwhere then he gets a warn/punishment.


Do You Understand That Your Application May Not Be Successful And That Asking About Your Application May Result With Instant Denial: yes


Staff member
Server Staff
Senior Staff
SWRP Event Staff
Jan 6, 2019
This staff application is GRANTED. Please contact a senior + for a time on you staff interview. Well done