New gang mod

Hello! so the server has been locked for a while because of a few extreme bugs. These bugs were messing with a lot of shit so I decided to lock the server while I was working on these bugs. For instance one of the bugs made weapons have over 4000 RPM which is just crazy. Now some of these bugs are fixed and some other things will come down the line. For instance:

We have fixed the RPM issue and also the problem where you could spam equip your weapon. We have also fixed an issue where players could unsecure your crate on the ground. Some features and fixes which will come later:
- View content of crates
- Gem description (what they do)
- Gem fixes
For now gems does not work and if you have weapons with them on I suggest not using them because it can do so your damage doesn't get registered because it tries to apply the effect from the gem. These gems will be fixed so don't destroy your weapons. I would also like to say we have increased inventory from 64 to 100 slots. Also all hard limits for economy has been doubled.

New gang mod
The current crewmod has been replaced with mGangs 2.0 which is a bit different. Why? because our old crewmod kicked people out and it was buggy, now you can make ranks in your gang and it even has a gang stash where you can put for instance printers. The max capacity of a fully upgraded gang stash is 10 slots.

New downtown map
Our modified version of downtown tits is here, it has its own admin room with admin jail cells, a mansion, a casino and a custom spawn. The map has also been optimized.

A secondary inventory

This is something I'm gonna test. It's a new secondary inventory where people can store grenades and other stuff. I've also added "Door Charges" so you can blow up fading doors and these you can also store in your inventory.

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