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Apr 27, 2018
Hello DC, so you all have probably seen the recent post made by Drake regarding the whole basing issue and the fact its literally impossible to raid a strong player which is totally unfair. The event that made us see the reality of it was during today, Around 6 people tried to raid me, I was solo defending and took no more than 500hp and thats due to the unfair peeking advantage I had over the raiders.

I have come up with two brand new rules/ways to make bases fair for both sides (defenders / attackers)

The first way is to reduce the amount of body the shield covers, the original rule was that the Head and Torso must be showing when peeking but since the no collide tool was removed this created a lot of 'headglitch' ramp/one way prop peeks which allows the player defending to see the whole of the raiders body but the raider could barley see the full head of the defender and this is because when peeking you don't generally peek for longer than a second or even half a second, its a quick movement forward and back into cover. This first idea I have thought of is fairly simple but tackles the problem of quick peeking since it reveals a lotttt more of the defenders body. (SEE EXAMPLES BELOW)

shields higher.png

The picture above shows the peek when i'm quickly moving forward and backwards with the current shield protection rules.

shields lower.png

The picture above shows the peek when i'm quickly moving forward and backwards with the rules I think should be added.

back shields higher.png

This picture is the same as the others above but further back (current rules for shield protection)

back shields lower.png

This picture is the same as the others above but further back (rules I think would be suitable to add)

Another idea, instead of moving forward to peel over a prop, there would be a two man wide gap between one way props so you would have to peek into the open gap meaning your whole body would be exposed. This basically works the same as no collide because you’re exposing your whole body the only difference is you’re not walking through anything, this would be perfect for raiding and defending because it gives an equal chance for both defenders and raiders to hit each other (whole body). Looking over my other two suggestions I feel as if this one would work the best and would probably be the fix to all the headglitching and unfair peeks. (SEE EXAMPLES BELOW)




I think honestly these these two new ideas will make raiding much more fair and will balance the whole situation out again.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!



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Nov 30, 2015
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Why wasn't your base removed?


Why did the admins do nothing?


You haven't made a case for re-enabling no collide as much as a case for your own ban for having a base like that in the first place.

If you cannot build a base within those rules, don't build, pack up your shit and go home.

As you are also staff, enjoy your demotion.

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