REJECTED Narstie's Staff App V: The Smells Strikes Back

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Apr 24, 2020
General Info

In-Game Name: Narstie

Discord Name And Hashtag: Narstie#1187

Preferred name: Narstie

Age (Must Be 16+, You May Be Asked To Provide ID): 17

Timezone: BST


How Many Regiments Are You Currently Active Within: 2 (104th and Jedi)

How Long Do You Play During The Weekdays (In Hours): Around 1-2 hours

How Long Do You Play During The Week End (Per Day: Around 1-2 hours

Previous Punishments:

We Will Be Checking These So Do Not Lie.

Have You Recieved Any Previous Punishments On the SWRP Server: Well, I have a few warnings, two for RDM and one for lying to a staff which was just me being a smart arse.

Have Your Recieved Any Previous Punishments On Any DC Server: No

About you:

In Your Own Words, What Makes You Stand Out From Other Applications: Well, I believe I can create events that aren't repetitive and construct them so that each regiment feels involved and that no one is left out. I also believe I can step in the shoes of the person im in a sit with and will always try and find evidence before banning/kicking/warning. I love to have fun don't get me wrong, but, when the time comes to be serious, I can become serious and deal with the situation.

In Your Own Words, What Would You Bring To Our Staff Team: I would bring someone who gets both sides of the story and isn't too harsh.

Tell us about you:

Choose ONE Personallity To Describe Yourself And Why: I hope to think that I am approachable. I believe that that is a vital personality trait for a staff member, as if they were not approachable then everyone would be scared to ask for help.

Breifly, Why Should We Accept You In The Staff Team: I want to see the server be succesful and I believe that I can help with that success by contributing to the staff team. I have good event ideas and am quite active.


Have You Ever Been A Staff Member On A SWRP Server: I was an event creator.

If Yes, What Were Your Duties: I would have to produce a certain amount of events per week and write up a report once it was finished so all the lore of the server would add up.

Have You Ever Been Staff On A GMOD Server: No

If Yes, State What Server Genre (e.g HL2RP, DarkRP) And What Were Your Duties: N/A

Have You Ever Been Staff On Other Servers/Communities: I was an admin on a fivem roleplay server.

If Yes, What Were Your Duties: I would have a certain amount of time per week where I had to be on duty with no rping looking out for rule breakers and answering reports.


A Player has Claimed That A Bounty Hunter Has Killed Them For No Reason, What Would You Do:
I would firstly bring both of them to a location away from the rp and check the logs to see if a hit had been placed on the victim. If no hit had been placed on the victim I would give the bounty hunter a T2 warn for RDM. However if a hit had been placed but the bounty hunter failed to advert I would give him a verbal warning.

You Are Playing On The Server With Your Friends, One Of Them Goes AFK In MHB As An RC, What Would You Do: I would forcejob them to cadet, respawn them and give them a T2 warn. Once they come back from being AFK I would explain to them what they did wrong.

A 212th Commander Has Spawned A NBT Bomber On Top Of Players And Has Crushed Them To Death, What Would You Do: I would remove the 212th commander from the crowd and speak to him in private asking if he warned the players around him that he was spawning one in and to move out of the way. I would also check the chatlogs to see if he put out a warning in comms and to check that he was granted to even spawn it in the first place. If he didn't warn and/or did not have permission to spawn it in he would receive a T2 warning and I would notify his battalion general / marshal commander / fleet.


Do You Understand That Your Application May Not Be Successful And That Asking About Your Application May Result With Instant Denial: Yes
Dec 1, 2019
Man hasnt been online since his last app and chooses to apply again, if one person who has been banned gets let onto the server development team, why cant someone whose been banned get into the staff team? +1

One word from me:
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Aug 23, 2018
"If you decide to name your next staff application something so childish like this again it will instantly be denied and you will be blacklisted from staff."

That was my reply on your last application.

Denied - Applicant also has been blacklisted from staff

(Also 6 comes after 5, not 5 again)
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