Moderator Application

Apr 13, 2018
wtf do u think
Also, how is it possible that you are apart of 7 regiments? Jawa, Wookiee, Droid, Jedi, RC, ARC, DSGT? The first 3 aren't regiments.
I'd like to see a little more activity from you on the server daily or weekly, because you are an EXO and have quite a lot of responsibility.

About you:

1.) In my personal opinion, this doesn't really set you aside from other applicants because all the applicants of late have been pretty active. Much more active than you have been from what I've seen.
2.) Okay, not really anything to say here.
3.) Good trait to have, as I've found that some new players get discouraged easily.
4.) Not to be "savage", but an incredible amount of people have a great love for this server, I don't personally think that this is enough to choose you over others for.


1.) Okay, fine answer, but it doesn't totally address the situation 100% and isn't really the greatest answer? Also, ERP isn't really FailRP, it's just a form of RP that's not allowed.
2.) Personally would have said something else, but anyways, I want a little more detail here. These answers lack "meat" or substance. They are just kind of "what we want to see" as opposed to a good thought out answer that will catch our attention. I don't know what to say here, sorry if this sounds harsh.
3.) Solid answer. Can't really say much about it.

Overall this is getting a -1 from me because it lacks effort. It's short, doesn't explain itself, and I found myself having to dig around for reasons why you said some things that you said. You didn't explain many things that needed to be expanded upon such as the About you section.
Green ERP is kinda failrp because you don't see rex shagging cody
Likes: Mazy