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Dec 30, 2017
Look at Legal and Illegal ways of making money.

So in this suggestion topic I will go over some of the current main ways of making money legally and illegally. How much and how fast does it take to make that sweet, green cash. Making this kind of suggestion I tried to keep inflation in mind, since there's no reason to create the same problem that we ran away from again.

First off let's start with the most basic way.


NameAmount per tickTime per tick30 mins1 hour3 hours5 hours
Tuned Dark Gold (Premium)$125'0002 mins$1'875'000$3'750'000$11'250'000$18'750'000
Tuned Platinum (VIP)$60'0002 mins$900'000$1'800'000$5'400'000$9'000'000
Tuned Diamond Print (Prestige)$22'5002 mins$337'500$675'000$2'025'000$3'375'000
Diamond Printer (Norm)$18'9002 mins$283'000$567'000$1'701'000$2'835'000

So these are the statistics that I could bring in for you all, from the 4 best printers for each category. Premium, vip, prestige, normal.
These statistics are calculated from just the normal money that's generated from the printers. Blueprints are not counted. I'm not entirely sure on the chances of them currently, but overall people of the server think it's around 5% per time you take money out of your printer. I'd say if you were to use only 1 printer for an hour, that's 30 times taking money out. I'd say you'd get bp's at least 5-10 times out of those 30. And since each bp goes for around 2 mil you can calculate an extra 10 mil on top.
Now this is all fine and dandy, 13mil per hour of farming a premium printer. Yet this is only 1 printer. As you all know, no one really bases with just 1 printer, they go buy/raid and overall gain more printers. I fine ideal line that I'd place would be 5 printers, so now let's take that in a table and see how it looks with bp's encounted for.

NamePrinter amountAmount per tickTime per tick1 hourBlueprintsPrice of BlueprintsTotal
Tuned Dark Gold (Premium)5$625'0002 mins$18'750'00025 bp's$50'000'000$68'750'000

So now as you can see the number jumped quite a bit when we take a bit more realistic scenario. Of course you can get more or less blueprints, you can sell for more or less or you can even have more or less printers. This is an average number that I can come up with per hour total.

You do have to take in to account that people when they start hardcore basing they don't base for 1 hour, they can base up to those 4-8 hours a day, I'm saying that since I've done it.
Personally, I think the physical amount that a printer gives in money is fair, but I do think the blueprints are too expensive. So you could lower the chances of them so people would get them more rarely. It would bring their price up possibly, but they still wouldn't make as much.


RankTime to set upTime from start to a full barrelPrice per barrel (Varies with % from npc)30 mins1 hour3 hours5 hours
Premium2:56 minutes11:04 minutes$950'000$2'727'727'73$5'454'454$16'360'000$27'272'272
Vip3:30 minutes15:10 minutes$1'000'000$2'000'000$4'000'000$12'000'000$20'000'000
Normal4:33 minutes20:00 minutes$976'000$1'500'000$3'000'000$9'000'000$15'000'000

As you can see with the oil, it's a bit interesting. In raw the 1:1 oil vs printers it's quite balanced for all the ranks. The only moment when oil straight up loses is IF the thieves start basing super hardcore with a lot more then 1 printer. Then oil is way useless, but it is a legal and very active job to do. You can't just place it down and sit there, since it can start overheating and such resulting in it blowing up.


Time to set upTime to fill and sell 1 boxMoney gained from said box30 mins1 hour3 hours5 hours
21 seconds10 mins$718'000$2'154'000$4'308'000$12'924'000$21'540'000

Also it's a bit over the 1 printer production amount, but it doesn't have benefits like bp's or just standing there. Just like oil it's an active job. You have to fill it up, clean it, freeze it etc. So unlike printers, no sitting on your ass. Overall for a job that doesn't get any rank advantages, it's pretty good.

So those were the three main or most popular ways of making money in the server, but we still got other jobs to discuss. I think the above ones are quite balanced by their 1:1 stats, but printers are way too overpowered if they are gained in big amounts, especially the premium ones. You want to give the premiums an advantage, but you do not want them to inflate the economy either.

Drug Dealer.

Time to set upTime to grow and sellMoney gained from everything30 mins1 hour3 hours5 hours
1 minute6 minutes$2'540$12'700$25'400$76'200$127'000

Okay, so as you can see straight away this is one of the worst jobs in the server that you can currently do. Yes, maybe it is a mostly passive job that requires you just to press on "grow" or "make", but even 25k per hour isn't worth that. It straight up needs a big buff to a decent level under meth. Let's say you get 2-4 mil per hour would be fair. It's illegal and somewhat passive, but still a dangerous one to do.

City worker.

Work time10 mins30 mins1 hour3 hours5 hours
Cash earned$685'000$2'055'000$4'110'000$12'330'000$20'550'000

So this is the best way for a non-premium to make money unless you have a base with 3+ premium printers. I did a 10 minute test run on the downtown map and these are the results that I got from it. A Solid (pun intended) 685k per 10 minutes. Matches up more or less with a premium printer, difference is this job can be done by normal players and vips alike, thus making it very good. It's a super active job so you need to be on the look out at all times, you will need to walk/sprint/drive around the whole map doing your job, so you can't just afk or do anything else. I mean for it's current state I'd say this is one of the best balanced ones in my opinion. Since, yes it gives good money, but you need to work 100% to make it work this good. If you were to let's say get a hit on yourself, get in a mug or similar rp situation which ends up with you not going to your objective at record times, the income amount will drop quickly.


Time to set up Time to ferment and sellMoney gained30 mins1 hour3 hours5 hours
none1 minute$219$6'570$13'140$39'420$65'700

Okay, I was actually shocked when I checked it out, because it's just garbage. There's really nothing else to say to it. It works just like the Drug Dealer job, but makes like shit even comparing to the drug dealer. So boost this one as well Drew, drew it.

Weed Farmer.
Job npc was currently not in the server. Could possibly get added in this topic at a later date.

My opinionated conclusion.
Printer bp' chances need to get nerfed guaranteed, then lower the prem printers output just a little let's say 20k lower per tick.
Oil and meth are fine for now.
City worker is a bit too strong maybe, since it's a job that ANYONE can use and can reach up to premium heights, so maybe reduce it a little bit so they make less.
Bartender and Drug Dealer need a 100% boost to be useful in any kind of money making.
Drew you should also check out adding bp's do other jobs or giving drugs/drinks some kind of actual RP/Raid buff so they become useful. Since no one wants a fucked up vision for like 10 mins that can only be gotten rid of sooner if you die.


Weed farmer

Time to set upTime to grow and sellMoney gained from OG kush30 mins1 hour3 hours5 hours
1 min5 minutes$3'811$22'866$45'732$137'196$228'660

Well compared to all other jobs it's straight up a unworthy job to do at this point. I think it should get a decent reward since keeping up with the soil and seeds to keep them good and healthy is a real difficult task, especially if you haven't done it before. 😅

Bartender (new)

Time to set upTime to ferment and sellMoney gained from everything30 mins1 hour3 hour5 hours
none1 minute$1'200$36'000$72'000$216'000$360'000

Drug Dealer (new)

Time to set upTime to get everything done and soldMoney gained from everything30 mins1 hour3 hours5 hours
1 minute6 minutes$17'500$87'500$175'000$525'000$875'000

Both Bartender and Drug Dealer and still a complete joke. Drew has to buff more. I'd say they have to be able to make around 750-800k per 30 minutes. Since the things take a lot of space, so you'd need a bigger base and you constantly have to re-start making them. When a drug dealer you can also get busted by cops, but bartender is more of a passive one, since it's also legal to make drinks.

Since yesterdays update I have not been able to sell any meth. I tried making it several times and reconnected and such, yet no success. As I'm writing this update it's bugged and cannot be sold. The hatch where the npc indicates to sell is simply closed and doesn't have any function when you press E on it.

Just like Meth, the oil currently is unsellable to the npc. You can go get a barrel full of it if you wish, but when you go the npc and press E you won't be able to sell it.
Oil has two big problems whilst doing it on the downtown beach.

  1. When you sometimes spawn barrels, pipes or the box they can spawn under the ground if you look in a sharp angle downwards whilst spawning it.
  2. When you spawn in a Refinery from the box it can sometimes be above the ground when spawning in, then after 5 seconds it falls under the ground just like the 1. point I made.
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Dec 30, 2017
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Nov 30, 2015
Blueprints have been added to both oil and meth, with now a 25% chance each sale. You have to sell oil for at least 400.000 and meth for at least 300.000 to get a blueprint.

Printers blueprint chance has been reduced from 10% to 5%