Link. 501st-GC

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Dec 17, 2019
Basic Information
  • In-Game Name: Link
  • Discord Name: 501st LGN HJT MJR Link / Linko#7237
  • Steam Profile:
  • Current Regiment and Rank: 501st Major
  • Regiment you want to transfer to: GC
  • Date of last transfer: March 1, 2020
Transferal Information
  • Why do you want to transfer regiment: Im not having as much fun as i used to in the regiment, I feel the equipment is very shit and 501st are treated as CT with some spice to them
  • How long have you been on the current regiment: 1 Month
  • Your current SWRP :experience: 1700h, Has been MCO, CO of multiple regiments, Head Medical Officer, Fleet Vice Admiral.
  • Regiment you plan to transfer experience*: I was a 91st Commander that had almost the same role as GC does on Drews
  • Did your XO / CO approve you: Yes
  • Do you accept the terms stated above and the ones the General's add: Yes
Not open for further replies.