ACCEPTED Joshu's/ruski's Staff application

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Dec 20, 2018
General Info

In game name: Fleet Captain Joshu

Discord name and number: Ⓡⓤⓢⓚⓘ#8375

Proffered name: Ruski

Age (Must be 16+, You may be asked to provide ID): 19 Will be 20 on the 26 of october. Born 1999

Timezone: Norway, GMT+1

Activity: Im on basicly everyday. from about 5 pm gmt+1 to 9pm GMT+1 Or longer and depending on the day of the week, during the weekend i can put in more hours.

How many regiments are you apart of: Im currently apart of 2 regiments Jedi and Fleet but i put more time into being fleet.

Which Character do you play most: Fleet

How long you play during the week per day: 34 Hours Per week (according to my steam it says 64 hours during the last 2 weeks and i only play on Drews currently) So if we divide 34 with 7 then we get 4,8 hours per day (we'll say 5 hours a day)

How long you play during the weekend per day: I could easly put in 12+ hours a day during the weekend because im a shutin but that isnt good for me so id say 6 hours a day.

Previous Punishments

We can check these things so do not lie.

Any previous punishments on the SWRP server: Never Kicked or banned

Any previous punishments on other DC servers: Never Kicked or banned

About you

What makes you stand out from other Applicants: Well id say im pretty self disiplined, aswell as im willing to take in both sides of the argument and not let my personal views of things cloud my judgement, Im willing to learn from the other staff members to further uphold the best of standard. aswell as my willingness to be online longer than other people.

Tell us about you: Well im Victor / Joshu, a 19 year old collage student in norway, Im studying the culinary arts. aswell as being a total shutin and spend most my times behind my computer, i love roleplaying since thats what i currently do most. im quite the alpha male type person so i wont be afraid to speak up during alot of the situations.

Choose ONE personality trait that describes you the best: Willing to help people.

Why should we choose you over other Applicants: Well besides the fact that im willing to help everyone and make sure that everyone gets treated right, im quite active so thats definitively a plus.


Have you ever been staff on a SWRP server: A couple of times on servers that needed help in the past but sadly they have been shutdown now.

If yes, What were your duties: Responding to people that need help, setting up events, assisting during sims and trainings. ofcourse banning and warning people, and lastly admin sits.

Have you ever been staff on a GMOD server: No since i only play SWRP

If yes, What were your duties: N/A

Have you ever been staff on an Online Community: Well if my discord server counts then yes (#700 members btw)

If yes, What were your duties: Making sure that everyone is following the rules, appointing other staff members and training them on how to be a admin or moderator, updating the announcements, and adding new channels.


A player is requesting a staff member and you respond. They say a player has been ERPing through PMs and /me commands when close to them, how do you respond? Ask them to send me proof and if the proof is valid i would talk to the person, then if they stop nothing futher will be done, if they dont stop i will come back to them and give them a warning, once the warning treshold has been met i will kick them, and if they come back and continue i will have to ban them.

You are playing with your friends during an event. You catch your friend and a CT both breaking rules and minging, what do you do? I will warn them firstly and once the treshold has been met i will kick them.

A 212th Airborne is coming in to the Main Hangar Bay from the Jedi Temple and there happens to be a decent number of players in the Main Hangar Bay. The 212th comes in for a landing but, the 212th lands on top of the players by complete accident, what action needs to be taken here? Warn them about killing troopers or contact CG to arrest the man, if needed i will kick them depending if they continue doing it.

(if theres anything im unsure about ill contact another staff member)


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