Jedi Shadow

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Jan 13, 2020
In-game name: Jedi Padawan Eagle

Type of suggestion:
New Jedi subfaction (Jedi Shadow)
Reason for suggestion: "Shadows would always be sure to obtain all possible data on their target before making a decisive blow against them" This in the server could be just like a recon / Infiltration job since I've already seen Engineers, Medic and Warriors in the Jedi order but there is none that Gathers Intel, Infiltrates or Assassinates I think this would be a good addition to the server.
"Jedi Shadows were prone to carrying double-bladed lightsabers."
"Jedi Shadows usually wore white/black robes occasionally donning armoured leg plating and/or chest plating (this was due to the fact that they were trained to always expect a battle)."

Pros: New Job, More RP, Infiltration job in the jedi order

Cons: I dont see any clear cons

Link to suggestion if it has one: For some info
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