KNOWN ISSUE Inventory, Money, Levels Missing

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Feb 11, 2018
I just on after a few months, saw that my money, levels, prestiges, and weapons were gone, is there any way to get them back? I also have proof of being on before

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:147747865
Evidence of missing money:
Evidence of missing items:
Evidence of missing storage:


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Nov 30, 2015
Hull, GB
We can't restore people who at the time have had less than 24 hours of gameplay as you have yet to be included in the backup.

Reasons your inventory wiped:
  • Changing settings in gmod, then clicking or causing it to crash while it stalls to update everything (this causes lua to re-initialise and wipe your profile)
  • Tabbing out when mining and your inventory is full in excess of 5 minutes (Tabbing back in causes a lua recalculation, and as the mined resources are over the weight limit, it errors and wraps round to a negative number. This can't be processed, and re-initialises the profile)
  • Storing multiple copies of guns with the same name, or lots of items in small quantities (lots of blueprints for different guns, weapon parts etc.) - As the inventory system was built on JSON, some interpretation issues can occur as there is no true "database" of items. Items with the same name upset the interpreter massively, and if it can't parse the JSON it will decide to reset your account.
Other not so serious reasons it might be wiped, but it will do it anyway:
  • The weather
  • How brexit might pan out
  • Your playstyle and if it likes your RP
  • How the server worke up in the morning
The good news is that the new inventory system is in development, and this will result in much more robust storage for your items so we don't have to rely on pure luck to keep them safe.
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