Introducing Crew Wars [DISCONTINUED]

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Introducing the Weekly Crew Wars Event

The goal of this weekly event is for ONE Crew to take home the King of the Hill, proving they're currently the Strongest Crew on the Server and also reaping a large cash reward for their Crew.

Strongest Crew: Unclaimed
Unclaimed - 7/10/18
Unclaimed - 30/9/18
Unclaimed - 23/9/18

When does it take place?
Every Sunday at 7pm BST.

What is the Reward?
200m Deposited into your Crew Bank.

Who can Participate?
3 Players from each Crew.

Can we use our own Weapons & Skills?

How to Participate?
The Leader/Co-Leader of the Crew must comment on this Thread using the following Template
Crew Name:
Members Participating:
Backup Members:
Or your members can be ingame at the time of the Event

The games will take place in different locations on the map every week inside a built arena, ranging from open combat to close combat and declining walls.
The Wars will be played in Brackets, 1 team vs another team like displayed below.
Each Team will consist of 3 Members in which the Crew can pick their strongest ones.

• No Cheating, Glitching or Exploiting of any form
• No spawning of props or entities
• The game will be paused if 2 or more members of 1 Crew crashes
• Have fun

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