Increase drill limit (Factorian)

Jun 29, 2017
Right now the limit of drills is 10. Before i don't think there was a drill limit which was much better because you could get multiple ores at a time with 5+ drills each. There are 7 different ores and with a drill limit of 10 you can have 1 on each and 3 leftover that you can put wherever you want. This makes it very hard to get enough materials so that the machines wont stop for 5 minutes every 30 seconds. Increase the drill limit to 20 or 30 or just make it infinite cause its very annoying having to wait alot of time just to be able to get 1 crate or armor or whatever you want to craft.
Feb 21, 2018
I personally think 10 is just fine. It means that you need to ration out your drills. It also means that it takes time to actually craft things, if you have more, or even unlimited, you would be able to craft things almost instantly. Drew worked out all the costs for the products and money for the satellites etc based on 10 drills, if he ups it. He would also need to lower the pay, and up the costs. If he doesn't and just ups the limit. Say bye-bye to the economy.

TL: DR. Don't increase limit.
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