Jobs/Economy Have you guys ever thought about redistributing the wealth?

Feb 12, 2018
I agree with this but i also want to take this point further. Whats the point in fighting each other on our server? why not put the time and effort we put into mindless raiding and luxury's like coinflips when we could collect the servers supply of printers and guns and use this to better drew's community as a whole. if we took all the money from the high up players and poor players alike and gave everyone a fair balanced and EQUAL pay we could do unimaginable things to better ourselves as a server. From the money and guns we get from using all players to mine ores and use printers we could expand our empire and expand the motherland. Servers like civil gamers are easy pickings for a strong industrialist community like ours. We would storm in and take what belongs to us.

Anyway TL;DR good post all round