Hades and Zens update

This update has been done and made by @Xan and @ZenBooty. They have now both resigned, but they did finish the update. I would like to thank them both and wish them the best of luck. So lets get it into the changes:


Boss has gained access to the DC-17M Sniper Rifle, 14mm Turret, 7.62x39mm Turret
Omega has gained 14mm Turret, 7.62x39mm Turret
Pilot has gained the Y-Wing from Rebels
Gregor has gained access to the speeder bike
Niner now has access to turrets
Sarge has the Bacta Injector, DC-17M Blaster Rifle, and a new shotgun
Scorch now has the DC-17M Blaster Rifle
Aiwha has also gained access to a new shotgun

Riot EXO can now whitelist
Engineers and medics have access to the DC-15A
Riot should now have flashbangs

Fleet can now fight on the front lines, the highest ranking fleet must be protected by CG.
Yularen has been added as the Admiral.
Admiral has also gained access to the Westar Plain
Fleet Commander job has been added

Commander has lost the crossbow but has gained the sniper rifle
Medic has access to the E-11D

can now buy restraints

now have Grapple Hooks

All Sarlaac jobs now have the DC-15LE instead of the E-11
Green Company LT is now a job

Arc Medic has now been made
Colt has access to the Bacta Grenade
Troops with shotguns should be able to buy ammo

Jet Trooper weapon has been changed
501st Heavy should now have access to the ARF2 model (The blue Assistant General ARF model)
Medics now have access to speeders

Commander now has access to the WP main weapon and the fortification tablet
WP EXO has been given a grappling hook
Breacher now has smoke grenades

Assistant General
Removed the ARF models, Added a new ZEUS model.

Alien Job
Added Multiple SCP models

Added two new Staff on Duty models

Other Notes:
Darth Talon was removed
Christmas models and jobs were removed