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Dec 30, 2017
Drew's community offers many various types of money making. Some are better then others, but undoubtedly one of the best are printers. Printers are a DarkRP classic. They provide criminals the ability to gain money and experience over time. Different servers offer different printers. Here on Drew's Community, we have 3 different printers that will suite your money and XP making needs!

Chapter I - How to obtain printers
Chapter II - Types of Printers
Chapter III - Upgrades
Chapter IV - Number Crunch

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Chapter I
How to obtain printers?

There are 3 main ways of obtaining printers:
1.Purchasing them from the F4 menu.
2.Raiding for them.
3.Purchasing them off of players.

Purchasing printers from the F4 Menu.
This is the most simplest way a player can obtain one or more printers. You simply press F4 on your keyboard, then on your left hand side navigate to the "Entities" tab. Afterwards you might need to scroll down to find the "Printers" section (You can collapse it if needed). There you can see the 3 printers that Drew's community currently offers. (As of 21/2/2019)
As you can see there is no level requirement for them, but there is a rank requirement. Meaning that only normal players can access the "Money Printer", VIP's can access the "VIP Money Printer" and the normal "Money Printer", but Premium players can use all three.
Obviously, the Premium one is the best, but we'll go in to some stats a bit later.


Raiding for printers.
Raiding for printers is another classic way to get them. To place it simple, people want to protect their belongings at any cost and in DarkRP people choose to do that by making bases. Elaborate contraptions preventing people from entering, that those called the "Defenders" defend with their firearms.

There are many rules to raiding which you can find here: Drew's Community DarkRP Rules

In the rules section you also must check out rules regarding printers, such as:
1.You can only have 15 printers per base.
2.You're not allowed to pocket printers in order to buy more.

But to place it simply, you as the attacker attempt to break in to the defenders base and steal their printers and then use them for personal gain later.

Purchasing printers off of players.
This is a simple method, but does need starting capital to correctly function. You simply advertise via /advert that you are looking to purchase set printers for set money, then people who might not need theirs can simply contact you and arrange a deal for those set printers which you can later use. The problem with this method is that it's heavily based off of two things: Money and Reputation. Money comes in to play since you need starting capital to purchase the printers themselves and later when taking money out of the printers you need to first pay off the printers price and only then start making profit. The other is reputation. See people on Drew's Community gain a lot of friends and foes along their adventure. If you're a nice and welcoming player to everyone and spend time with others, you might get higher chances of obtaining printers this way. Personally, I've had plenty of times when people just due to my reputation give me their printers for absolutely free and maybe the same can happen to you too! Otherwise if you're on their wrong side they simply won't sell any printers to you.

Chapter II

Types of printers.

(Picture of fully upgraded premium printer)

As previously mentioned in Drew's Community we have 3 different printer types:
"Money Printer" - Accessible by any player.
"VIP Money Printer" - Accessible by VIP Players and Premium players.
"Premium Money Printer" - Accessible only by Premium players.

Prices for each printer from the F4 menu go as follows:
Regular - 100'500$
VIP - 300'000$
Premium - 1'000'000$


(Picture of all the 3 printers and their per tick sums of money, fully upgraded)

These are the three printers as follows: Premium (2mil per tick max upgrades), VIP (600k per tick max upgrades), Regular (225k per tick max upgrades).
Each have a different outlining when fully upgraded thus it's easy to spot which printer is Premium, VIP and which are Regular ones. When raiding always prioritize Premium printers over anything.

Chapter III

These wonderful machines called money printers also come with even better things called Upgrades. You can access your printers upgrades by pressing the "Printer Upgrades" button on the printer itself. When you purchase upgrades the aesthetics of the printer will change.


All of the printer types come with the same upgrades that do the same functionality and all cost the same price, 10'000$.

(Picture of printer upgrades)

All of the upgrades are self explanatory, except one and that is the "Scanner" at the very bottom.
It does protect the printer from money thieves, but let's say you just raided someone and this scanner is on it, how do you get the money out?
Actually it's quite simple.

(Picture of premium printer with "Scanner" upgrade on it)

As you see here it has this little fingerprint scanner on its side, all you have to do is shoot it once and it'll blow up and then you can happily take money out of the printer.

One small thing to also remember is that if you have bought the "Antenna" upgrade you will be able to take money out of the printers when away from the printer. There is a set range on it though. In my tests the range is 1000 units, I'm not sure what kind of units, but best guess would be the Source engines "Hammer Units".
You can access this menu by writing !printers in chat and be able to take out of your printers. That does not include printers that you've bought/raided from others!

(Picture of !printers menu in-game)

Chapter IV
Number crunch

Courtesy of Voyager, he recorded some numbers and did a bit of math for us to know. Big thank you to him.

Premium printers print: 156'250$ every 1m 33sec
Vip printers print: 75'000$ every 1m 33sec
Normal printers print: 28'250$ every 1min 33sec

1 Premium print per hour: 7.2mil
5 Premium print per hour: 36mil
10 Premium print per hour: 72mil
15 Premium print per hour: 154.5mil

1 VIP print per hour: 3.46mil
5 VIP print per hour: 17.3mil
10 VIP print per hour: 34mil
15 VIP print per hour:

Discord: Solid#3859
IG: Solid
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198247915406/

Voyagers Discord: LucasBigNob#7312

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