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Dec 30, 2017
The Leveling system

The Drew’s community Crew Conflict Role Play servers are equipped with a very nice and progressively fun leveling system. In this guide my aim is to introduce beginner players in to understanding how the leveling system works and how can they be on their way to reaching the 158 prestige and become insanely strong.

Chapter I
How to gain experience?

In order to gain experience you have to complete some kind of set action or job duty. In Crew Conflict RP we have many, many ways to gain experience, some are better then others.
A very basic beginner way to gain experience is via the meth cook job or the bartender job.

Here you can see a meth cook and a bartender. As previously mentioned, very nice jobs to start out with. As a bartender all you have to do is make drinks for other people and from that you gain a set amount of experience. You can do this by switching to the bartender job via pressing F4 -> Jobs -> Bartender and then re-spawning. Then you press F4 -> Entities -> Brewery. You can purchase only a set amount of breweries. Once purchased press E on the brewery and select a drink that you want to make, then pressing the button on the bottom. The amount of experience gained per drink is determined by the time it takes to make the drink + your experience increasement. (Check Chapter III) If you want you can sell the drinks to other players for a small sum of money.
For those interested in making meth, here is a video tutorial for producing meth and delivering it. ->

Later once you have gained a bit of levels, friends and possibly guns you can start printing money. This is presumed to be the very best way of getting experience if done efficiently.

Printing is pretty simple. Usually you take the Thief job or one of it’s off branches (such as vip thief, premium thief, etc.) you purchase a printer from the F4 -> Entities menu. Just do keep in mind, printers are locked away behind level requirements and a few rank requirements. Each player can purchase 1 printer, then that printer is claimed to that set player. That is indicated by the name on the printer when you hover your crosshair over it. When you take money out of someone elses printer it will show in chat a claim amount. You can take out of it 15 times and then it’ll claim to you. If you claim more than 6 printers, the 7th will blow up. The more money the printer produces, the more experience the player gains from taking out of it.

If you need to equip yourself with permanent weapons, chances are you are mining. This is also a very great way to gain experience even whilst being afk! Just keep in mind that our servers rules prohibit set jobs to afk, so please read them before starting to afk mine or you can possibly get warned!

Here you can see how gaining xp looks like when it appears on your screen. In this set example it is from mining, same idea applies to any sort of xp gain.

Chapter II
Using your gained levels and prestiges.

When you gain experience you’ll notice the little orange bar fill up, that indicated your level. Per level you gain, you get 1 skill point. These skill points can be placed in to the skill menu to increase set stats such as: Maximum health, Damage Resistance, Damage improvement, Sprint Speed, Jump Height, Fall Damage Reduction and a few other ones I will not mention here.

You can open this menu by pressing the F6 button on your keyboard. In this menu, top left you can see your Avatar and name right beside it. Under your name is your current prestige. On the right side however, you can see your current level, Current xp/Needed xp for next level. And depending if you have a rank or not, the ability to reset your skills for a set amount, in this case $1’000’000. Which is quite cheap. You can see all of the stats and your allocated skill points in a grid pattern, they’re stat changes are mentioned inside the squares and above the “Fall Resistance” stat you can also see the currently non-allocated skill points. Aka the points you can still place in stats.
To place skill points in a chosen stat you can simply click on the stat and drag the amount of skill points you want to place in it.
The first stat I recommend maxing is “Health Improvement” so you don’t get at least one shot by decent level Legendaries.

Once a player has reached the grand level 100, he has the option to prestige. Meaning your level will be set back to 0 and all current skill points will be gone. This process costs 2.55million per time you do it and it keeps adding up. Meaning prestige 1 costs 2.55mil, prestige 2 costs 5mil, prestige 3 costs 7.55mil, etc.
You might ask: “Well, what’s the point of prestiging then?”
The main reason a player would want to prestige is in order to get extra skill points. You see, every time you prestige you get 5 extra skill points. And if you figured it out by now, the more skill points you have, the more stats you can max out to get more stronger.
Besides that glorious benefit, you also gain access to the prestige printers and a few set jobs, depending on your prestige.

List of prestige jobs:
Sewer Psycho: Recruit
Covert Thief: Recruit
Secret Service: Recruit
Border Patrol: Private First Class
Detective: Recruit
Sheriff: Private First Class
SWAT: Private First Class
SWAT Medic: Private First Class
SWAT Chief: Private First Class II
SWAT Recon: Lance Corporal V
Warden: Recruit
Marine: Private First Class
Marine Raider: Private First Class II
UN Soldier: Private First Class II
General: Private First Class IV
Cult Leader: Private First Class IV
Cult Member: Recruit

So in general you should try to get as many prestiges as you possibly can.

Experience boosters

In the world of Crew Conflict RP we have many ways of increasing the experience amount.
The main way of increasing that xp is via a real money bought rank, such as VIP or Premium.
Players who have purchased VIP can expect a 100% xp boost. Which is noticeable, but not as much as the Premiums 200%. Combined with their exclusive VIP and Premium printers they give you the ability to get vast amounts of experience quite quickly if you get multiple of them at once.
If you do not wish to purchase ranks (which I strongly recommend you do) you can always play during the 2x xp weekends or when a special deal comes out! For example, during the writing of this guide, you can get 4x xp on Server 2 Evocity.
Great part of these event boosters is that they even work on already active VIP/Premium xp increases. So if you’re premium and you have 200% boost, with 4x that’ll make it 800%.

In conclusion, leveling is a very big part of the CCRP servers and you should definitely take note of it. It’s the whole heart beat of this great server and you can boost the speed of it with some sweet ranks or during special event times.

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IG: Solid
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