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Dec 30, 2017
Crafting is undeniably the second biggest system in this server. It is the way for each and every one of us to get our juicy permanent weapons. In this comprehensive guide I will be teaching YOU on how to obtain all the crafting materials in order for you to make those juicy perm weapons.

Inventory, weight, levels and a bank!

The inventory is a very key part in the actual use of any real items on CCRP. You can open your inventory by pressing the I key on your keyboard.
The top left side shows you your Mining, Crafting and Lumbering levels. The only ones you will ever need are the Mining and Crafting levels, Lumbering is irrelevant in every single way currently. On how to gain experience for these levels I will go in to detail a little bit later.
Then in the middle you’ll see your actual item inventory. In there will be all your permanent weapons, usables, blueprints, ores/bars and tools. And last, but not least, the top right of the inventory screen shows you a crafting menu for the actual script itself. In this server that has no use.

Above the inventory section top right you’ll see the weight part. WeightOnYou/MaxWeight
Every single player has a set maximum of weight they can carry, this maximum can be increase by purchasing the VIP or Premium ranks.
A set items weight is located under the item itself. Total weight of a set stack of items in your inventory is calculated as such: X * Y = Total weight of set stack
X – Amount of items
Y – 1 Items weight

In order for you to use/equip a set item, you need to right click on it in the inventory and choose the desired option.
View – Inspects the set item. Example, inspect weapon to see its stats.
Equip – Equip the set item.
Drop – Drop the set item. You can choose amount of items.
Remove – Remove set item. You can choose amount of items.
Place – Place set item on the ground. Used for Furnaces and Weaponsbenches.

Okay, let’s say you have no more weight for items! What do you do?
You can place some of your items in your bank! The bank NPC is a safe location to store some of your stuff, I’m saying “some”, because just like your inventory it has a set maximum it can hold and exactly like with your inventory, you can increase this maximum via ranks like VIP and Premium. No one can steal anything from your bank.
Banks are located as such:
Right outside of spawn to the left on Evocity.
Opposite the main fountain on Downtown.

Chapter I
Obtaining ores and smelting bars

In order for you to start your crafting journey you will need to get bars.
Each weapon in the weaponsbench requires a set amount of bars and other materials.
Your first step is to purchase a pickaxe from the beginner store located right out of spawn on Evocity and near the fountain on Downtown.

Once you find the NPC, press E on him and it’ll open up a shop menu. In that menu, purchase the Diamond Pickaxe, a furnace and a weaponsbench. These are all the items you need from this NPC at the moment.

So, now that you have your pickaxe purchased open your inventory by pressing the I button on your keyboard. In this inventory menu, right click on the pickaxe and press “Equip”, it’ll place the pickaxe in your standard hotbar, find it and take it out.
Now we can head to the mine!
The mines are located as such:
Evocity mine is behind spawn in the park.
Downtown mine is located to the left of the water, then your next right in to the park.
In both locations you’ll be able to find these types of ores:

Following the order of the pictures they go:
1. Coal
2. Copper
3. Iron
4. Gold
5. Diamond
6. Normal Stone

You will need all, except one, and that is the normal stone one. The rest go and mine away, just remember that your weight matters!
The next step to getting yourself some bars/ingots is to smelt them. In order to do that, you have to place down the furnace you previously purchased and press E on it. Opening the menu you will see all the bars that are craftable. For each bar, that is, copper, iron, gold and diamond, there is a set mining level required. So if you wish to make diamond bars, you might not have the ability to do it right at the very start.
Per 1 bar made you need 10 of that ore type and 5 coal. Always remember you can mine coal at the mine with the ores and you do not need wood to make it, like many beginners believe.
Every single time you make a bar you’ll get normal experience and you’ll also receive crafting experience, as previously mentioned, you can see your crafting level in the Inventory screen top left, right under your mining level.

Chapter II

Blueprints are a pretty self explanatory thing. You need a blueprint in order to make the gun you want. Each weapon has their own blueprint, you can see what a blueprint looks like in the above mentioned inventory pictures.
Blueprints unlike other things are obtained by taking money out of printers. The exact chance of obtaining a blueprint isn’t known, but it’s not too hard. You can also buy these blueprints from other players for a set amount of money.

Chapter III
Weapon parts

Weapon parts are optional when crafting a weapon due to some weapons requiring them, yet others not.
Weapon parts are obtained by dismantling permanent weapons. Each rarity of weapon gives a set amount of parts. Just like the blueprints you can purchase these from other players.
Common – 5 parts
Rare – 10 parts
Epic – 15 parts
Legendary – 20 parts

Chapter IV

Once you have managed to secure all the previously mentioned resources you can possibly try to craft your weapon!
I said “possibly” because chances are there is one massive obstacle in your way. The crafting level. Maybe you noticed, but there’s a crafting level in the workbench menu for each weapon. Some weapons need a low amount or none at all, yet some need it almost maxed. You can get crafting level as previously mentioned, by crafting bars or weapons in general.
Permanent weapons have 4 different levels or rarities:

Obviously, the common is the least wanted and legendary is the most wanted, since stats increase the higher the rarity. All legendaries have a set maximum damage. Guns with that maximum damage are very desired, so hope you will get one.
If you have the crafting level as well, then you’re pretty much done! All you need to do is craft the weapon via the workbench and hope you’ll get something good.

Crafting in the CCRP servers is mandatory if you want to become the strongest one day. The system is fairly easy to the experienced gamer, but may be confusing to beginners. The crafting game is completely RNG, so praying might be your best bet.

Discord: Solid#9665
IG: Solid
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198247915406/
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Dec 30, 2017
How do I get wood
The way of obtaining wood is not mentioned within this guide, because wood and the lumbering skill is not used in any way in order to get a permanent weapon. You might argue that there's a way to get your crafting level up quickly with lumbering, yet it's way more practical to do it the old fashioned way via smelting ore, because in that way you also gain the bars, which later can be used for crafting the weaponry or for selling and gaining money.

How do i get stone
You can mine stone just like any other ore. Follow the Chapter I steps for how to obtain a pickaxe and where to find the ores. Look for the Stone vein, Picture 6. Then just click on it with your equiped pickaxe.