ACCEPTED Greenys fleet app x3 (last one i promise)

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Oct 12, 2018
Basic Info
Trooper Name: Greeny

Regiment: 41st

Current Rank: CPL

Age: 16

Playtime: Unknown but either over or close to 200 hours

OOC Information
Do you have a microphone:Yes

Quick Summary about you: Hey I'm a 16 year old who has been playing the server off and on for over a year now. My hobbies are playing vidya games and playing a card game called Yu-Gi-Oh!. Over then that i have nothing else to do, please help my life is boring.

Are you currently Staff on any DC related server: no but i have been before.

IC Information

In your own words why you think you should become Fleet: I believe that i am adept at the role of fleet with my experience in the role being Fleet twice before and highish roles in regiments such as RC and 212th. I also believe I am mature enough for the role as (since my perm ban for mass RDM) i have never been punished for anything i have done on purpose on the ship.

Describe in your own opinion, the roles and jobs of fleet (Try to add more than just "Granting and Denying"): The roles of fleet consist of Commanding the venator during missions and attacks, helping regiments preform in peak performance, giving troopers information during missions and obviously granting and denying equipment and training's.

Have you ever been demoted / kicked / banned, if yes why: I have been perma banned back in September 2018 ago for committing murder on CTs, however this has been forgiven and i have proven that i am not one to commit murder on shinies anymore. I was also warned for Accidental Mass RDM due to me putting my gun on saftey, infront of a button that made a bridge disappear that was over a hole, which ended up killing the entire server. This was on the old system though.

Do you understand the importance and rank/role of Fleet and you are prepared to take this responsibility: Indeed i do

Any Commanding or Leading Experiences, If yes please state: Previously stated, 212th and RC SGM (atleast i think i was SGM in RC). Aswell as Fleet x2 now once getting to either Sub-LT or LT i forgot which one.

What can you offer for the Fleet: Oh would you look at that its me saying experience i have never done that before wowowowowowowo. Honestly though main thing i have is experience in the role so yeah that one.

Anything else: I have been harassing tree over it since i came back and he said it okay to apply and if i leave fleet again i get blacklisted.
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Jul 12, 2018
As your signature implies to throw me over, I mean.. I can't stop you but don't think fleet will help you get my rank ;)

Seem like a nice person but I don't entirely know you as well. Hopefully you get into fleet, good luck my guy.
Aug 13, 2019
Gonna stay neutral on this one. You are currently at a rank which involves little leadership. However, your past fleet experience shows you know what you're doing and could be a good member. +/-
Jul 12, 2019
Hello as a CPL you don’t have the most command experience on DC so I’m going to ask you a few questions please answers these questions to the best of your ability as they have a big part in weather or your app gets accepted or denied
1. the ship is under attack and the Jedi are calling for assistance at the temple due to being overrun.
Who do you send where?

2. You are doing a mando with the entire ship and an entire regiment walks off. How do you handle this?

3. a regiment disobeys your orders on a mission(planetary) and claims they followed a different persons orders. the person they claim to have listened to is not on the server.
The actions the regiment took messed up your battle plan and almost lost the mission objective.
What do you do?
Oct 12, 2018
1.First i would send the 501st and 212th ghost/core (along with the AB the fly them down), then if they need any more reinforcements send RC and SC. These regements are mainly frontline with the exception of SC and should be able to take out the droid forces while not leaving the base/venator suseptible to a droid attack. Obviously allowing no explosives or anything that could damage the holy grounds)

2.I would excuse CG and get them to bring them all back, then make them carry on with the mando and then after the first one finishes give them a harder mando then talk to their commander or general about further punishment or anything else that would need happening to the regiment.

3.First (assuming we have made it back to venator/base) talk to their CO at the time then the person they supposedly listened too to try get the full story and usually give them a mando or some other punishment decided by their commander (if their commander was not there) to try and make sure it does not happen again (if the person they listened too didn’t tell them to do that and didnt out rank me)

BootStrap Bill

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Sep 23, 2018
Birmingham UK
Right After a lengthy talk with tree. We have decided to accept this fleet app.
HOWEVER. As this is your third time in fleet you leave without a legit reason. You get permantly blacklisted.
Due to your previous reputation on the server alongside your previous punishment status you will be heavily monitered to make sure you suceed.
Failure to accept any of this will result in an instant denial.

As there is a level of a permant blacklist i will need you to accept this term.
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