Green company and new vehicles

Hello! So this is the new update for StarWarsRP and it brings a new regiment which are the "Green Company", and with it new vehicles and some other changes. So I have seen all regiments have been growing and we need a recon/marksman regiment. So lets take a look at whats changed for the SWRP server.

Green Company
The green company is a recon/marksman regiment with "sharpshooter" as their specialty, they also have republic speeders to get around quickly. This company will not be a front line regiment like the 212th, GM's or 501st. The new jedi general of the green company is Yoda, and EOD has received Plo Koon.

New vehicles
So the 212th have received some new vehicles, one is just a better AT-TE. They have also received some other vehicles like AT-RT and a new transport shuttle. This should make the 212th a very good regiment.

Other changes
91st now has a new main weapon A280
Active camouflage is now installed
For admins !invisible hides your HUD and yourself, don't use cloak.
The "reset skill" button should work now properly now
All units should have "group chat"
There is also a (LOOC) chat now, local out of character.
Jedi generals can now whitelist for their regiments
Added also a new droid bomber
212th RPG has been changed to republic launcher
New event map "Mygeeto"

Have a good summer everyone!