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Aug 13, 2018
General Info

** I thought it pertinent to mention that I am not applying for Admin, as I am not creative enough to plan events, but am applying for Moderator as to help enforce the rules of the server.**

In game name:

41st GC EXO Green Bean

Discord name and number:

Green Beret #3961

Steam Link:


Preffered name:

Green, beret, green bean

Age (Must be 16+, You may be asked to provide ID): 17

Timezone: EST or GMT-5

Activity: Started playing near the end of summer and been playing as much as school allows, and then some.

How many regiments are you apart of:

3: 41st, Droid, and DSGT

Which Character do you play most:

41st GC EXO

How long you play during the week per day:

Assuming I am on my PC around 4-5 hours due to timezone difference (I get home at about 8:30 PM GMT).

I’m also on Discord all day at school every day.

How long you play during the weekend per day:

Normally 4-6 hours every other weekend (will explain later in application).

Previous Punishments

We can check these things so do not lie.
Any previous punishments on the SWRP server:

Any previous punishments on other DC servers:


About you

What makes you stand out from other Applicants:

One thing is my timezone. I often log onto the server during the week at 8:30-9:00 PM GMT. So I normally catch the end of the last event, but I am also there at the primetime for rule breaking and new American players joining. I have often seen people join late at night in hopes of minging because it is during “downtime” (a concept which does not exist because this is a Serious RP server).

Additionally, I am a DSGT, and which means that when new Americans join the server, I would be able to train them properly, and maybe even give them a tour of the base or ship.

I am also an EXO which gives me no reason to prioritize events (as I cannot be promoted) over a Cadet who needs to be trained so I would be willing to stop playing an event in order to train the cadet. Unless however, my troops need guidance and there is no one else to lead them.

Tell us about you:

[Section 1 will be regarding me as an applicant, Section 2 will be regarding the situation I mentioned earlier with my activity.]

Section 1: I am a 17 year old high school (secondary) student in my senior year (year 12) and am applying for colleges soon. I hope to be a music educator. I live a black and white life meaning that I try my best to live my life based on facts and science. I believe that in 98% of situations, there needs to be a clear answer whether it be a math question, or a question about 15th century French poliphany, there will likely always be a clear-cut answer. I am a person who believes that rules must be followed explicitly. If rules are ambiguous, they should be re-written as to not be ambiguous so that there is no way for someone to wiggle out of something. I am a kind and sympathetic person, but can also be very strict when need be. I can also be pretty fun despite what this entire application might say about me. Many times I find myself having more fun on the server than anywhere else and have more shallow,* but fun conversations with people on the server. I try my best to ensure that other are having fun first. The happiness of overs is imperative to me. I believe that everyone should have happiness and enjoyment even if it is at my expense. However those that seek to ruin it by breaking rules need to be punished. I strongly believe that I as a single member of this massive community can help make a difference in the quality of others’ experiences on the server.

Section 2: My parents are separated and live kind of far apart. My PC that I play GMOD on is at one of my parent’s homes so I can really only be on the server on the days that I am there. The days I am there alternate, 2-2-3. So for example:

Monday, Tuesday - house with PC

Wednesday, Thursday - house without PC

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - house with PC

Mon, Tues - without PC

Wed, Thurs - with PC

Fri, Sat, Sub - without PC

*I use the word shallow in a sense that it is not a deep or meaningful conversation.

Choose ONE personality trait that describes you the best:

Understanding. I chose this word because I believe it describes me well. When confronted with a new problem, I always try and understand it first, then attempt to find solutions. If I meet a new person, I do my best to get to know him of her and to better get a sense of who this person really is. All of my friendships are very intimate (in the sense of closeness not romantically). I like to know my friends before making judgements.

Why should we choose you over other Applicants:

[First: comparisons to other applicants are not a fair measure of “acceptability” as there is no numeric value associated with my answers.]

The culmination of things mentioned in my application result in a member of the server who is devoted to maintaining rules, following procedures, enjoyment of others, benefit of the server, and a sense of knowing I can help improve the server. I also hold myself to the highest quality of work which I hope has been demonstrated throughout my time on the server. Especially as an EXO, always looking to the other more experienced COs and EXOs for guidance. I am also open minded and take criticism well. If someone were to come to me with a complaint about the way I handled a situation, I would listen, think on my actions, think on the actions which led me to make my decision, refer to someone else with more experience, refer to the explicitly written rules, and if I made a mistake I would take responsibility and apologize to whomever I did wrong upon.


Have you ever been staff on a SWRP server:

If yes, What were your duties: N/A

Have you ever been staff on a GMOD server:


If yes, What were your duties: N/A

Have you ever been staff on an Online Community:

Yes, I was a Senior admin on a community TF2 server for about a year.

If yes, What were your duties:

While I was a Junior Admin, my duties consisted of ensuring all rules were followed at all times, no one was being abusive in chat, no one was cheating, no one was scamming anyone else, and maintaining server health (eg. restarts, map changes, clearing entities and decals etc.).

As a Senior Admin, my duties varied slightly, I had all the same roles as I did when I was a Junior Admin, but I also had the added responsibility of keeping the Junior Admins in check, and logging every punishment handed out, as well as dealing with appeals and reading feedback.


You catch a EOD 1st LT killing random CT's late at night. The LT claims that it is "Downtime" so its ok, What do you do?

First, I would pull the 1st LT aside and explain how it is unacceptable for someone with that kind of power to set an example like that for CTs on the server. This kind of behavior demonstrates to others that RDM is tolerable because a 1st LT is doing it. I would verbally warn him or her and if I did not receive an acknowledgement would give a written warning.

Secondly, I would explain how the probabilty of him or her not knowing that “downtime” does not exist is incredibly unlikely based on the amount of time spent on the server.

Third, I would check to see if he or she has other previous offenses for this same type of thing, or not. Based on this, I would deliver punishment in the form of temporary kick in order to allow the player to re-read the rules.

You are playing with your friends during an Event. You catch your friend and a CT both breaking rules and minging, What do you do?

First, I would pull them both aside and explain that just because they are friends with me means nothing because rules are rules and they must be enforced.

Second, I would assess the situation. Perhaps one of them provoked the other, or maybe one of them was manipulating the CT to see if the CT would get banned. Whatever the situation, I would do my best to give verbal or written warnings to both parties accordingly.

Third, depending on the severity of the rules which were broken, I would deliver appropriate punishment in the form or either kicks or bans: temporary or permanent. Neither party would get a “lighter punishment than the other” except in the specific situation that the CT just joined the server and was manipulated into breaking rules. If that were the case, I would give the CT a warning, a link to the rules, and send him or her off. On the other hand, I would deliver a much more severe punishment to my “friend” because he or she knows better. Anyone who is my friend will know that I am a true hard-ass when it comes to rules. In this situation I would be forced to ban my friend for a period of time (minimum of 3 days).

You catch a staff member abusing their powers and being rude to players, What do you do?

First, I would begin recording immediately for proof.

Second, I would message any higher/senior staff members to please help me address the situation appropriately.

Third, I would ask any witnesses to stay put and to also record if possible or to gather evidence (eg. screenshots).

Fourth, I would report it immediately to the most senior staff member online.

Fifth, I would write an official report detailing the situation, including any and all evidence gathered by witnesses, other staff, and myself.

In my opinion, staff offenses are the worst kind because it demonstrates the poor judgement of staff, sets a bad example for the entire server, becomes the most talked about thing when people mention staff, and taints staffs’ reputation.

Something has popped up and you will not be able to come onto the server for a while, but you have already posted an Event plan for the night. What steps do you take?

I do not wish to participate in planning of events, however if I found myself in this situation I would immediately reach out to another staff member and ask if he or she would be able to take over. I would make sure that everything is layed out explicitly for him or her as to help the event run smoothly (eg. writing down equipment perms for every regiment with reasons why).

Then I would contact a second staff member to agree to take over or assist should the first staff member be unable to do it, or struggle to run it by himself or herself.


Do you understand that your application may not be successful and that asking about your application may result in instant denial:


**This is a legal requirement. Applying when not 16 years of age or above by means of deception is considered fraudulent and is punishable to the maximum extent possible under UK Law. Your account may be terminated from Drew's Community both in-game on all servers and on the forums.

Thank you for your consideration. I hope to join the members of staff and help the server run smoothly for the future.
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Aug 13, 2018
In regards to my comment about Events:
I will run them if asked, however I know some people only want admin for events, I “only” want Moderator to help the server, and if running events helps, then I’m happy to do it.

Also I am GMT-4 sorry, not -5. I must have missed that when I read this over.
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Aug 14, 2018
Great guy seen a good amount on the server and seem mature when seen around

CG Commander Galaxy
Good day Troops!

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Jul 12, 2018

Took me 10 mins to read this app but it’s well detailed and great, you seem to have a great understanding of the rules and know how to punish people, even if they are your friends.

I’ve seen you in game and I’ve noticed your very mature, and haven’t really seen any “bad” things about you.

Good luck!​
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