Government and vehicle update

Government update
The government has been updated and put into categories with more or less the same color spectrum. Also the government and military are now properly categorized except for VIP and Premium jobs who I think should still be in their selected categories. The bank vault has also now been buffed to give government employees more for protecting the bank, and the security guard has been updated to help protect the bank and other government facilities.

New weapons
The military and police received new weapons which are the:
- MK 18 (Swat, Swat Medic, Swat Chief, US Marshal and Special Operator)
- M 16 (Marine, Marine Raider, UN Soldier and Sniper)
- SV 98 (Swat Recon and Sniper)

New models
Swat chief, swat recon, security guard and special operator received new models. This was because it was time to change them and they look better and fit in with the rest of the other models.

New cars
There are several new cars. Government received:
- Ford Raptor
- Motor Bike
- CV11
- Two new hummers
- Two new dodges
For civilians
- New towtruck
- Ford Raptor
- Dodge
- Two new exclusive cars
These two new exclusive cars are extremely expensive and will only be for those who wants to pay a large amount for a car. There are one for normal players and one for VIP and above. They are priced at 5 billion each.

Do you see errors running around? try installing this:

Thanks to @Peasant for helping and suggesting most of this update.

Have a great weekend!

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