Geralt Fleet Application

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Oct 27, 2018
Basic Info
Trooper Name: 212th Ghost 2Lt 3850 Geralt
Regiment: 212th
Current Rank: 2Lt
Age: 16
Playtime: 500+ hr

OOC Information:

Do you have a Microphone: Yes but it can tend to mess up in game and cut out unfortuantly.
Quick Summary about you: I am 16 years old i like to play on the server and enjoy helping people.
Are you currently Staff on any DC related server: Yes im a Senior admin on DC SWRP

IC Information

In your own words why you think you should become Fleet: Becuase I have lots of experience in leading and due to being in lots of different Regiments and understanding how it works.
Describe in your own opinion, the roles and jobs of fleet (Try to add more than just "Granting and Denying"): Fleets job is too maintain the Ship and its troopers. They make sure the troopers are properly looked after and giving Proper orders for the correct regiments.
Have you ever been demoted / kicked / banned, if yes why: Yes. kicked for Mic spam about a year ago. Demoted for Behaving badly. a few months back
Do you understand the importance and rank/role of Fleet and you are prepared to take this responsibility: Yes I do
Any Commanding or Leading Experiences, If yes please state: Yes. I was RC CO, Assistant Offensive General, ARC Captain(before regimental). and a few others that dont spring to mind. During these times I did trainings, took charge of my reg in missions and led a couple missions on the ground.
What can you offer for the Fleet: I believe i can offer fleet a person who knows how to work with the regs and make the venator work more efficiently
Anything else: Bear said to put he invited me
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