Free Up Stefan


Server Staff
Feb 10, 2018
Land of Eng
I hate that it has come to this but its been long enough our man stefan has faced a ban for something he has been refused the ability to see proof of and it needs to be spoken about in a way thats not utopia avoiding the point so here are some points.

Number 1:
Stefan was banned for advertising another server now i'd like to mention stefan currently doesnt own a GMOD SWRP Server and had no plans (being banned you can understand the change of plans) to open one unless the event of DC SWRP Closed fully as he enjoys playing SWRP with the people he currently plays with.
Number 2:
If it was his asking of another player to join a discord call thats something else as the player in question (im not really sure which one as i dont know them all that well they are post me leaving but im down to 3) was already in the alternative place he was simply asking them to join a call now im sure asking someone to join another servers call they are already in as many a time have people mentioned they would go elsewhere to other servers as when already in it its not really advertising just asking to go there.
Number 3:
As mentioned Utopia has avoided any requests to see proof of all this and wont even show stefan himself. You'd think when you have just banned someone its atleast a common practise to show them why. Like if you can show valid evidence sure thing but considering your accusations are from a VC you werent in unless you have a specific audio of it you cant just take someone saying he did as evidence.

Now those were my 3 points i just thought it would be nice to get a proper response about this as Stefans intention and ideas to make his own server only came from his enjoyment of DC SWRP and his want to continue even in the possible close of the server and i feel this wasnt justified on his behalf. I hope to have a civilised conversation on this post in order to help the cituation in a mature way.