Fleet to 104th


Jan 3, 2020
Basic Information
Transferal Information
  • Why do you want to transfer regiment: I don't really think I'm a good fit for fleet anymore, as I've fallen out of focus for it, so I'm hoping to get back on the frontlines so I can hopefully get better and be able to focus more and assist more than I could while in Fleet.
  • How long have you been on the current regiment: I have been with Fleet for a While now, since March I believe.
  • Your current SWRP experience: Both Positive and Negative, but more Positives.
  • Regiment you plan to transfer experience*: I have been in 104th roughly three times now, Each time I got to either Sergeant or above.
  • Did your XO / CO approve you: Yes.
  • Do you accept the terms stated above and the ones the General's add: Yes, I do.