Fire update


So first of all there has been a while since there has been an update, so today I bring you the fire update. This update is gonna add a new roleplay element and a few new other things. I hope everyone will enjoy this update, and if you don't you can always tell us.

Fire system
The fire system is not just fire, we have also added fire fighters and fire trucks. These fires are extremely dangerous they do alot of damage to normal people, but not fire fighters. Fires also spreads and can ignite your props, if they do you have five minutes to get help otherwise your props will burn up. But it is not allowed to set peoples props or property on fire, like crashing your car into their maze or shooting a printer or the car to get it to start a fire.

3 new weapons
I have also added 3 new weapons:
- MAC 11, this is the new beginner weapon found at the beginners shop.
- M14
- L85A2

The staff has received some new cars they can use while on duty, they are actually made by the supervisor of the mentors @Peasant. The mentors have already received a "mentor on duty" which they can use for helping players.

Regards Drewbie
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Dec 30, 2017
Looks cool. Will be a quite useful jobs, since people now just blow cars up all the time.
I'm just scared the whole forest will burn down next to the lake.
Jul 27, 2017
United Kingdom
@Drewbie This is sounds amazing but I think each time you extinguish the fire you should be payed 250 or 500k or even more and i think this will be great for starters and all the ways of making money mostly is from illegal things and i think this way will be easy to get more legally.