Evocity sunshine!

Hello everyone!

The new update is here and with it comes a few new things!

New map
Evocity sunshine is now here and this map has been planned for a while, it's not a community specific map but it does offer some cool stuff. On the map we now have new sections one of them is now a mine.
The mine can be found just down the road from the spawn through the first tunnel across from the new PD. Other cool things is that the map now has a new theme it's palm trees and even two lakes now.
We also now have a casino so with that I wanted to upgrade the casino abit.

In the casino I have now added two more scripts!
You have the first one spin and win where you can win everything from cash to a money printer, this will be the best normal money printer you can win.
You can now also play poker hold em, there are currently four tables, if needed more will be added.

Other changes
Spawn points for cops and military are placed at their bases with a car dealer and repair man.
New flags since its a new map, different locations.
The ores to mine are no longer located in the park, they are in the mine and yes you will have to travel a short distance.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Dec 30, 2017
Really good update! I only saw pictures of it and got hyped, when I finally joined today, it brought such a big burst of fresh air to me. As a S1 player, I got confused when checking it out, since most locations and roads lead me to different places. :D I enjoyed it.