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Jun 25, 2017
Parts Unknown
I have been thinking of an event called Hide&Seek.
How this would work: If you have like 2-4 admins online they should go and hide across the map, with every 2 minuets they should give out clues. The Admin should not be in a group(ORG) with any players who precipitate, as they can see them through the holo affect through the Org Menu.
The Reward Should varey across of how many people participate in the Event
I would really like to see this happen, I would appreciate any comments about this, if it is a good idea or bad

SMF Basil
Jul 7, 2017
I was thinking earlier because we did a deathmatch event with Chunky, that we could do a Hunger Games event.

How would this work?

Well. Staff would select a certain starting point and put some starter items out then we would all grab something and go anywhere on the map. After a certain time limit has gone that allows players to think and prepare, the killing shall commence! Staff could also put cars around the map but with no fuel or need repairs. The last standing will get some prize money to take away or something like that.

Items the staff would scatter:
Things like guns, lockpicks, keypad crackers, performance enhanced drugs, armour, and whatever comes to mind that will work well!

I think this is a great idea and will be AWESOME but there will have to be like a couple SA's on and stuff like that so things can actually be spawned in.

Thanks for your time, leave suggestions below!
Jul 7, 2017
Theres really only pne big issue...
What about players that already are prestige 50 or more?
Yeah that was an issue today as well.
Maybe, if their was a new job that you could only be when the hunger games started and it would all be the same level with no skill points and then you get XP by killing players and doing activities like finding items or picklocking cars.
Not sure if this would be hard though.