Event server and content redone

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There are some big changes to the StarWarsRP server in this update. Most things won't be noticed since the content has remained mostly the same I only packed them into our own server content.

Content Packs
The first thing I would like to talk about are these "content packs". I did them to reduce loading time for new players to our server and also to make it a lot more clean. Before it was over 200 addons in our workshop collection now it is 66. Some people will probably see some errors this will either be because your gmod is not mounting it properly which is often fixed by a restart. It can also be that I have forgotten some models, if I have let me know and I will upload them at once. Please keep in mind I have packed an insane amount of addons.

Link to workshop collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=661797176

New event server
Now the new event server is a big change for the server and how it will work. First of all this is something I have been thinking about for a long time. The reason why I decided to do it now was a few different reasons. One I would like once again to cut down on loading time keeping all event maps on the event server and only the base and venator map on our main server. It will also give players who would like to pass on event the chance to do so. Also this event server will allow the staff team to prepare the events before players are connecting. Many of you are probably thinking how do we know when to change and how do we change server etc? Well I have an easy solution for you. I have had a script made where admins can type /event name, example: /event defend kashyyk. When an admin types that a window will pop up on every players screen saying Would you like to join the event defend kashyyk? then you can simply click Yes or No, if you click yes it will redirect you to to the event server. I have also installed the script on both the main and test server so an admin can type the same command to let players connect back to the main server after the event.

I hope everyone will enjoy this.



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Dec 30, 2017
Nice, the idea is very good.
I bet the SWRP community will be very happy for low loading times on these big, epic events.
Hope it works out for them.
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