Easter update

The Easter update has just dropped. I know Easter isn't before a few days, but I thought why not expand the event a bit and get into the spirit. And its not just the Easter theme which has been added. I can finally show you guys the new update map of evocity dc. Thanks to @Smoely which has been working on this map for a while now, I think it looks great and I will get to the map specifics.

Things that has been added for Easter event:
  • Bunny thiefs
  • Easter Egg Printers
  • Easter Egg hunt, you can cash in these Easter eggs for more printers

Map update
The new map update changed our evocity a lot. For instance we have removed the "coastal area" and replaced it with a huge ocean. On this ocean you can find the old prison which now can be used as a base. There are also two more islands. We have added a harbor and on it there's a lot of npcs, these npcs are for almost every script we have such as meth, oil, grass and storage. We have also put in a new Police Department which is located right outside spawn, next to it you will find a huge parking lot where the car dealers have been moved.
There are also now more ways to get into the sewers, there are doors you can go into which will teleport you to the sewers.

Added more car packs
  • Subaru
  • Lamborghini
  • Nissan
  • Porsche

Happy Easter




Server Staff
Official Guide Author
Dec 30, 2017
Nice, good 'ol easter is here and ready for us to cash in on it once again. Hopefully we can smash some fucking eggs this year.
Good job Drew the easter wombat.
Also thanks @Smoely for making an awesome map for us.