drewscommunity.com Update

Just a quick couple of updates for everyone

Ban System Changes
We have now changed our web system for viewing bans following the sudden death of the previous scripts author.

This new system operates differently and includes a built-in appeal system. Currently there are no plans to transition fully to this system - any appeals sent to it will be automatically denied.
Why? Well, although it seems easier for the person banned it does not allow a complete, open and public discussion between all parties involved. Additionally it also does not allow for anyone to upload evidence to fight their case. We currently have that ability on our forums, and there's no reason to change it for something worse.

We use the online ban system to track our admins bans to ensure they comply with the standards we set at DC, that the bans are fair, just and aren't excessive. It also enables us to protect all our servers under one umbrella. Meaning if you break a rule on any of our servers you are banned from our community.

This is done to uphold and protect everyone who plays legitimately with us.

Website SSL
We are now secure, you can access drewscommunity.com through https:// meaning all your exchanges between each other will be encrypted from everyone.

It is still being tested and therefore we are not force re-directing traffic until that testing is complete. In the meantime you may experience transitions between secure and non-secure pages through browsing. This is expected behaviour, and nothing to be worried about for now.

As always this does not affect the shop, all transactions handled through there are with paypal which uses its own SSL encryption. We do not store your payment information on drewscommunity.com.

Look for this on the address bar to ensure you are secure...

I am aware that the 'Home' tab does not come up as secure - this is a known issue. For more info see SSL Support in 'Bug Reports'