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Mar 14, 2017
Basic info:

Name: Anton.
Age: 18.
My timezone UTC+01:00

The Server I play on the most and where I have the most fun is s1, however should the need arise I can always go on server 2.

Unfortunately I've never been an admin before, but everyone has to start somewhere. The reason I'd rather start with DC is, due to it's community and the friendships I built there with some players, these being both staff and normal players. Many people know who I am and I think it's time to step up my game and contribute to this community, with any means necessary.

A bit more about me:
Im 18 years old. I really enjoy playing video games with friends or just hanging out with friends in general, I'm pretty good at speaking english for it not being my first language I'm Swedish. I have ADD but i take meds for it so it's not a issue. I played on dc back in 2018 and got back on now 2 weeks ago and want to help the community to grow again back to it's original glory it was back then.

I´m a really social person if I say so myself im really easy to reach by steam/discord if no admins are around i will get on as soon as I can.

Reasons why I want to become admin. 1. I enjoy this community a lot and considering I've been here for a while I decided it's time to payback those hours of fun I got here. I'd love to help out newer players, teaching them the basics, such as leveling and crafting but at the same time make sure everyone is having a great experience by punishing rule-breakers and enforcing the rules.
2. Considering my activity and I'm super easy to reach, I think I would be a great fit to this community, being able to answer admin calls as far as I can.
3. Many Players and Staff, as previously mentioned, know who I am and can give me props for being a nice guy.
4. I've never gotten into real trouble.

General Sit:
1. Bring involved players
2. Check logs for valid reasons and proof
3. If proven that rules were broken give a warn / kick / tempban depending on rule broken and severity.

1. Bring involved players
2. Check kill logs and damage logs to see who shot first
3. Hear RDMers reason for kill and prove if it's truly RDM or not.
4. Warn the player in case it's a 1 time thing + keep an eye on him, if he RDMed multiple times, ban.

1. Bring involved players
2. Check arrest logs + warrant/wanted logs
3. Hear both sides and prove if RDA or not
4. Warn the player in casse it's a 1 time thing + keep an eye on him, if he RDAed multiple people, ban.

Not Adverting Carjack:
1. Say in OOC / PM that it's not necessary to advert carjack

Someone attempting to crash the server:
1. Check prop spawning logs for same prop.
2. Spectate player and if I see him propspamming instantly perma ban him
3. Clear his props to diminish lag / chances of crashing

1. Check logs
2. Warn player for CDM, as it's handled as RDM

Government being AFK:
1. Warn him and change his job

1. Gag the player for 5-10 mins
2. Warn him and tell him to stop
3. Ungag after 5-10 mins and if he continues tempban of 1-2 hours

FearRP isn't a thing, therefore I won't enforce it and would just let the player know.

Failrp FailRP is the act of failing to stick to your in-game roleplaying. Whether it be by taking information out of OOC chat and using it to roleplay or hearing printers and warranting people. Commonly used as a term inside the Half-Life 2 Mod Garry's Mod in the DarkRP gamemode.

Del Boy

Staff member
Server Manager
Jun 23, 2017
United Kingdom
You are an old player on the server and have been around a long. you are active almost everyday and are a good standing individual. you know the rules far better than others and don't get into any sits for any bad reasons, which why i am gonna to accept you for a 2 week trial period.

Accepted on a 2 week trial
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