Digital Minimalism Test

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Mar 2, 2017
Germany or Portugal
Hello everyone,
I hope all of you are doing fine. Anyways, I will explain a bit on why I was absent and what this post will end up being about. By the time I post this, it should be Sunday and my last day before my Digital Minimalism Challenge begins.
A big part of you already know me, Uni student with quite a good social life, always partying and following the fun. Same applies ingame. Before my resignation I used to be quite active on Discord, In-Game and Forums. I then proceeded to leave for a few months.
My main reason for that time was for me to focus a bit more on my life. Getting my priorities straight, focusing on my studies and expanding my social circle. All of those I managed to accomplish. This is quite noticeable due to the fact, ever since I returned I became a bit more distant and my activity hasn't been the same.
Another reason was my Relationship. Some of you were aware that I had been in a serious relationship for 5 years, which ended back in October so obviously I required some time for myself.
The time I used was eye-openning. It lead me to become a more interesting and socialable person. Ever since then I have been living my life in the best way I could.
Now It's time for me to improve it further. Why this sudden realization? Well let me ask you one thing. Do you take public transportation? If your answer is yes, then you most likely spend that time on the Bus/Train/Etc. doing one of the following:
- Speaking with friends if they are with you
- listening to music
- staring at your phone
- RARE CASE: Speaking with someone new or observing people.
I myself stopped using my phone and headphones when taking public transportation. I use technology way to much and it has become a drug, not just for myself but almost everyone.
On my way home with the Bus the amount of people starting at the phones is sickening. I made this realization myself and realized I have to change. I now stop and talk with random people, hear interesting stories about them, make new friends. It has been quite the experience and I urge you to try.
I now plan to Detox myself further from my phone and staring at it, for countless hours on end. So for the next 30 days the following medias won't be used by me, as they aren't required in my daily life:
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Snapchat
- Discord
- Reddit
- Netflix with an exception of 2 episodes of any series per week or if Im watching a movie with a friend

This will last for 30 days and I plan to share my experience, once I return of course. In these 30 days I do hope I find new hobbies, activities, friends and I expand my social circle way more than it currently is. I will keep an eye on this thread till tomorrow in case, some of you have questions about it.
Good luck out there!

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