DeathShadow Example Ban Appeal

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Mar 2, 2017
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Considering many people don't follow the proper format that Xirii gave:

I decided to give an idea of a proper ban appeal. Feel free to copy the template of it, for you own appeal! Also remember to be honest about your ban and explain what you did with as many details as possible, also don't spam other admins to get you unbanned.

Ban Appeal Example:

Steam Profile:
Date: 14/07/2017 around 8PM GMT
Length: Permanently Banned / 1 week ban
Reason: Mass RDMing at spawn and RDA
Admin who banned me: Xirii
Why should I be unbanned:
Well at the time I didn't know how to RP properly yet, so I became a cop and started randomly shooting everyone at spawn, for no reason at all. I also arrested them. It's been like 2 weeks already since my ban and In that short of a time frame I decided to go on other DarkRP servers and read the rules and learn to RP.
I can now say that cops can't kill for no reason at all. Some good reasons for a legit kill are:
Seeing someone with an illegal weapon.
Seeing someone attempting to harm a civillian.
Robbery at the Bank.
I would like to be unbanned because I've learned from my mistake and I wish to join this marvelous server once again and this time to RP properly and not be a total dick to everyone.


Unfortunately I got none because I did break the rules, however I can add the following from other servers:
2 days playtime on server X.
1 hour playtime on server Y.
Some pictures of hanging around with staff members on server Z.

Thanks again for your time!

PS: Xirii or Drew if you could close this thread and maybe sticky it that would be appreciated!
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