DC tokens a shared community currency

Hello everyone! This is a shared update for StarWarsRP and CrewConflictRP. It includes a new currency you can get on both servers which is called "DC Tokens". So what is DC tokens? Well the tokens are basically credits which you can spend on an in game store. The store will hold selected items from our cash shop.

Current items
- Jawa (This is the testing package so we can get the auto whitelisting done, but if you manage to get it before I get it to work I will make it say you bought it so staff can whitelist you)

- 5 and 115 mill in game cash

I will continue to add packages as we go.

So how do you earn DC tokens? well the only way to earn DC tokens now is to be in on the server. It doesn't matter if you are playing or AFK you will get 5 tokens each 15 minute. The tokens are shared across both servers. So if you are playing both servers you will gain tokens regardless of which server you are on. If you are for instance saving up for Jawa, you can play CCRP or vice versa.

Any attempt to cheat or exploiting the system will be considered exploiting and will result in permanent community ban.

This is a trial project and can be removed at any point if it doesnt work. Its a completely free offer from my side so if it doesn't work properly it doesnt work, but I will give it a proper good try and do my best to get it working 100%.

This is just an example of the cash category on CrewConflictRP.