DC SWRP Server Rules And Guidelines As Of 29/08/2020

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  • All players must abide by the rules, if you need assistance with a rulebreaker or any other issue that requires an Staff Member, use the @ command. The @ command will send your message privately to any connected Staff Members. (E.g. in chat, "@ Bill just RDMed a Fleet Admiral."). Staff Members may not respond to requests via OOC chat.
  • Any request must be somewhat properly formatted, try to explain what your request is aswell (E.g. Can i have some droids set up for a Sim) Anything we deem rude or inappropriate will be dealt with properly, and may result in a kick or ban if Staff Members feel you are abusing the system.
  • Before getting their rights Staff Members are carefully vetted. If you see any Staff Member breaching these rules or abusing their powers, report it immediately to either a Super Admin (E.g Staff Or Server Manager) or on this website. Evidential videos or other forms of evidence are reccomended.
  • Staff Members have the final say if they believe you are in breach of these rules. They will try to be fair wherever possible, however if you have been permanently banned and wish to contest this please appeal on the Ban Appeal sections on this website.
  • All punishments unless specified will be given by Staff Members who will deem them appropriate.
  • All Jedi rules are on the Jedi Rules Document listed within the DC Jedi Discord.
  • If you have bought a package on the Servers Store then please read about the rules Here.
General Rules:
  1. The use of Cheats, Hacks or Glitch exploitation is strictly prohibited. We operate a zero-tolerance policy to cheaters. You will be banned permanently.
  2. Do not RDM also known as the golden rule: Don’t shoot another brother.
  3. Do not Metagame. Metagaming is the use of any form of information generated out of character.
  4. Do not FailRP. All situations should be handled in character.
  5. English should be used at all times in OOC.
  6. Racism, Hate Speech, Discriminatory or Defamatory language used against any members of the community will result in a permanent ban.
  7. Semi Serious Roleplay should always be in effect.
  8. Trolling is not acceptable and will result in a punishment deemed by the Staf Member.
  9. Do not mic spam, or play any type of micspam down your mic.
  10. Do not advertise other non DC related servers, or any non-official Discords. This will lead to a ban.
  11. Try not to call out regiments in OOC, this may cause players to avoid that reg, providing issues for that regiment.
  12. Do not Leave To Avoid Punishment (LTAP) This will result in a 12hr-4day ban as deemed by the Staff Members.
  13. The discussion of mental health, suicide and similar issues are not to be discussed. Should you be considering self harm in any form please seek appropriate therapy or counselling.
RolePlay Rules:
Should you provide a valid reason to a Staff Member, you may break some of these rules to enhance yoours and other's RP experience.
  1. All RP on the server must have some serious nature behind it (Examples of non-serious RP = Performing Actions not seen in a military environment, Acting in a immature behaviour, Being disrespectful for no reason).
  2. You must listen to the highest ranking officer present, staying on task of their orders, unless you have an RP reason to disobey orders.
  3. Do not use /advert for non in Character matters, advert is a communcation/comms device/system.
  4. You can use /me or /rp to describe your actions within RP.
  5. You must have Senior Staff permission and reason to turn rogue for any character.
  6. If Jedi are fighting an enemy, do not engage, this is known as the Silver Rule.
  7. Do not shoot another trooper, unless they have gone rogue.
  8. Do not attempt to break someone out of, nor break out of cuffs without valid RP reason.
  9. This server abides by the NLR, a.k.a the New Life Rule if broken then a punishment will follow.
  10. Promotions should be handled in-character and on the server.
  11. Weapons may not be dropped to other players who do not spawn with that specific weapon, this can be known as the Bronze Rule.
  12. Grapple Hook cannot be used to grapple other players or ships.
  13. You must salute anyone LT+, if you are beneath their rank. All troopers must salute to any Jedi Council/Fleet/Generals.
  14. Do not use the Kill command, to commit suicide, it’s classed as failRP if you wish to slay yourself, request a Staff Members Permission.
  15. You are not permitted to roll in order to get out of handcuffs except if you haven't been stripped, you have been left alone (call staff to roll, "alone" defined as being outside a cell and being left there for IC reasons - Being stuck for example does not count) or you are a event character.
  16. You must always roll in order to be stripped except if you are in schackles or are in a prisoner diamond consisting of 3 or more people.
AFK (Away From Keyboard) Rules:
  1. When going AFK, go somewhere private (Like Spawn, Bunks) don't just be AFK in the MHB, or near a large amount of players.
  2. When going AFK, always go as a cadet or CT, Failure to do so can be classed as Paycheck farming and shall recieve punishment.
  3. Do not XP (Experience) or Money farm while being AFK.
  4. If you have been caught being AFK as a high paying job multiple times, you will be reset.

Regiment & Character Rules:
  1. Regiment Rules can change with their Commanders permission or the Generals permission.
  2. Regiment changes must be coordinated with your Executive officer or Commanding Officer.
  3. Ships can only be spawned in the hangar bay or other large areas, Make sure you are not near anyone as the ship may prop kill them.
  4. Arrests may only be up to fifteen minutes upon entry to the brig, if you arrest someone for longer than 15 minuites then you will need Naval permission.
  5. You may only use the taser if there is a valid reason, any abuse and you will be punished.
  6. Take arrested cadets to the training room, they need to be trained.
  7. Only DSGTs (Drill Sergeants) should train cadets as they have been taught how to, If there are no DSGT's on a Staff Member can.

PAC3 Rules:
  1. Do not use earrape/unrealistic sound effects or graphic effects. Sound effects or graphic effects on PAC3s are forbidden unless clearly authorized by the Server Management Team.
  2. Do not use any models unless granted by the Server Management Team.
  3. Do not use resize/scale as a clone trooper, unless granted by the Server Management Team. Jedi may only scale themselves from 0.8 to 1.2.
  4. Do not change your material at all. This includes using a grass or leaves texture and pretend it’s a camouflage. An exception can be made by SMT.
  5. Only edit yourself to suit your job / role. For example don't add weapons on your back you wouldn’t normally have.
  6. Do not change your model unless permitted from a Server Management Team member.
  7. Do not put any unrealistic stuff on your body which can ruin others experience, such as unrealistic items or models that have nothing to do with the Server Context.
  8. Do not make “PAC Guns”, do not create something that harms players with PAC3. You also can’t substitute the model of a weapon you’re using or its texture.
  9. Robotic limbs are forbidden unless granted by the Server Management Team.
  10. The PAC3 Camera must always stay in line of sight of the players and not be further away from the character than necessary for the PAC.
  11. You may not use any npcmodel or playermodel to follow you around in-game. Astromech Droids can be used however there must be a valid reason.

If you notice a rule or guideline missing then message me (฿łⱠⱠł₴_฿ØØ₮#1558) or Henessy (Henessy#7774) on Discord.
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