DC SWRP "Compendium" for Words, Abbreviations, Phrases

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Aug 26, 2018
In-game name: 104th 2177 Shanks

TL;DR: Spreadsheet/guide for most DC SWRP abbreviations etc.

What I'm suggesting is a sort of collection or almost a guide for commonly used phrases or abbreviations in DC SWRP. As a relatively veteran player of the server there are still phrases and abbreviations I am unsure of. A guide to these would be a great resource for new players or old players who might not be 100% on what everything means. What I was thinking was a almost handbook style google doc written in categories where different things and their meaning would be listed.

Examples of things to include would be things like: MHB, CTR, TRM, LGN, 10-4. Even though you may know the meaning doesn't mean everyone will. I for one don't know what LGN stands for. I am also not 100% on 10-4, or TRM. I think a list like this would be very useful for new players and I would be very willing to help compile it.

Once it's written put a simple link in the information channel on discord to the aforementioned google doc.

Pros: Don't have to ask someone what something means and there's a nice long list you can look at if you want

Cons: Would be a decent amount of work to set it up and even keep it updated if new things were to be introduced.
Not open for further replies.