DC SWRP April Update

DC SWRP April Update

Hello everyone!
Once again, it is time for the monthly update. This month we have a lot of additions, including two new jobs.
These jobs are:
Republic Bounty Hunter
Republic Engineer

These jobs take aspects from CCRP, making use of the public service job and the Hitman job.
These jobs are to add something for the players to do and could add to any immersive scenarios.
The rules for these jobs will be in a separate post.

Ship not included*

This update has been put together by Nea as I, Hades was on LOA. So thank you Nea.
These new roles can be purchased on the Drews Community Store:
Legends already have access to these jobs and will just need to request access to the whitelist.
Right, back to the changelog!

HP balancing is included in this update.


Replace DC 15S with Bf2017_dc15aa
Replace Z6 with tfa_swch_z6_aqua (working minigun)

501st Jet Trooper
Remove X8 Night Sniper
Remove DH-17

501st Heavy Trooper
+Thermal Detonator (seal6-c4)
Remove scout blaster

501st EXO

501st Commander Rex
+A280 (If A280 doesn’t get approved, DC-15LE)

501st Torrent Jesse
+Dual DC-17
-DC-17 (only if Dual DC-17 gets added)

501st Torrent Vanguard
+Clone Minigun
Replace Z6 with clone minigun

501st Torrent Fives
+Dual DC-17
Remove DH-17 (only if Dual DC-17 get added)
Remove scout blaster (only if Dual DC-17 get added)

501st Torrent EXO Appo
+Dual DC-17
Remove DH-17

DC-15s possible dmg increased and Accuracy Increase or changed back to DC-15a with dmg increase.

Remove DC-15s from bodyguard and replace with DC-15a

Remove flashbangs as they Serve no purpose

Possibly keep dc15s for whitelists trooper to sergeant or LT and CPT+ has DC15a or Reversed

Boss changes:
remove bacta nade, and injector

Change Commando back to normal Z-6

Add New ARCs to 212th jobs

Give fleet commander spy drone
Remove nu class from fleet commander

jocasta nu needs ship
Fixed Jedi Models dealing no damage

Green Company
GC Update
GC Trooper - Remove AT-RT, add new Speeder instead
GC Sergeant - add new Speeder
GC Lieutenant - Add AT-RT (If Mechanic gets denied)
GC Captain - Add AT-RT (If Mechanic gets denied)
GC Major - Add AT-RT (If Mechanic gets denied)
GC EXO - Add AT-RT (If Mechanic gets denied)
GC CO - Add AT-RT (If Mechanic gets denied) new speeders to all of them too

GC Medic - Raise Medic Limit to 3 (Currently 1)

104th ARC Trooper Job:
RT97c (TFA Version)

To all ARC Jobs
Binoculars (weapon_rpw_binoculars)

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