DC Rust!

Hi Everyone,

DC has now got a rust server, come and join us!

2016-06-06 (20).png

It is a modded server with a procedural map. So to find us, click Play Now, Modded and in the search at the bottom type drew,

We hope to see you there!

The server has a whole bunch of neat features and mods that help enhance the gameplay for you. Currently we have:
  1. Clans - Like CCRP you can gang together and conquer the map!
  2. Levelling - Become a stronger survivor, level up your character to increase your resource gathering.
  3. Teleportation - Because walking is lame!
  4. Sign Artist - Paint a picture, with any image online!
  5. Much more!
See the live map here: http://map.playrust.io/?