CrewConflictRP update which includes wipe to cash, DC tokens and Cars

This update took a while getting together and thanks so much to @Poggerlinos for helping. This update was delayed a lot due to two things. I really wanted to introduce a new accessory system and a normal mining system for crafting. It did not get ready in time and its still in the process of getting ready to be introduced so it will be dropped later when its ready.

The following changes are applied:

Money wipe/Prestiges

The money is wiped along with "itemstore" the inventory. This is because I've heard rumors people tried to avoid getting wiped and they stored cash in there. We wiped the cash because it was exploited heavily over a long time without me knowing about it. I will try to backup the database for cash more frequently this time, however to avoid these type of situations please report exploits and bugs. Do not utilize and exploit them.

I decided to wipe Prestiges as well

DC Tokens
Tokens can be acquired by playing on the server. You can also gain them by being AFK to help boost the servers population. These tokens can so far be used to cash in weapon crates and dark rp cash. You can also see they are now on the UI. We will find more use for them.

@Bingo suggested we mix the crates together with M9K crates so that's been done. Now weapons will be even more rare! some of you will probably hate this, but I think the idea was really good and its less confusing for people. Now you will only be able to craft and find 5 types of crates. The M9K and tactical crates will still be in your inventories because removing them would just probably break the inventories. So you can unbox those you have.

Updating of several scripts
A bunch of scripts have been updated to work properly. Many were outdated.

Airdorps will now contain a few weapons you will only be able to get through opening airdrop packages. These weapons will probably become very valuable as they will be more rare since that's the only way of getting them. Airdrops are also adjusted. It takes longer for it to hit the ground. It also has a big red circle which will be the kill zone. You can shoot everyone in that zone if you are in it yourself. That means you cannot sit outside the circle and snipe people that are opening the box. Airdrops also drop from 90 - 120 min. This depends on the players online. If its above 20 it will drop 90, if not 120.

The map is evocity tropics v2. Why? because you all wanted a bigger map with cars and its the best suited for all our professions such as oil refining, factorian and those.

We added a discord bot which ties in game chat to discord. The channel is named "in game chat" on discord. There you can chat with people online.

TikTok and youtube
Yes you heard me right. I will try to promote the server using social media platforms.
Credits to Solid for the idea
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