CrewConflict RP Beginners Guide

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Bread And Butter

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Dec 26, 2017
Beginners Guide To CrewConflict

Crewconflict is a DarkRp which heavily features a leveling progression mod and a RNG permenent weapon crafting system. Today i will try and cover the basics of CrewConflict

Leveling is the Bread And Butter to this server, no pun intended, there are multiple ways of leveling. Printing, Crafting, Mining, Collecting Nodes For Your Crew, Cooking Meth.
each level you will gain a skill point to put into skills in your f6 menu, this will help you survive longer, do more damage and get the edge over your opponents.
Once you hit level 100, you are given the option to prestige, each prestige costs the number of your next prestige e.g, if i was prestige 10 level 100 i would pay 11 million to prestige, then 12 million etc. The reason for prestiging is it gives you more points to put into the skills.

Weapons Crafting

Now you have gained some levels but you are defenseless, let me teach you the ways of crafting weapons. First of all you are going to need a Blueprint which can be found from a random drop while collecting printers or buying from other players, i strongly advise not to use money on the Blueprint NPC as it will drain your cash which could be used for other things. Now you have a blue print go to the beginner NPC beside the fountain and buy a Diamond Pickaxe, Workbench and Furnace.425
Place down your Weaponsbench and press E to look at all the weapons. find your weapon and look at the materials needed. e.g ACR needs 20 Iron Bars and 20 Copper Bars.
to get the bars you must equip your pickaxe by right clicking on it then pressing equip. make your way to the beach, that is the mines, there you can find Copper, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Coal
i suggest you start mining a decent amount of coal as that is your means of smelting the ore into ingots(5 coal cooks 10 ore into 1 ingot). The more ore you mine the more your level goes up, at mining level 5 you can smelt copper and gain some crafting exp which is useful for crafting weapons. every 10 mining levels (11, 21,31,41 etc) you will gain 1 extra ore per click this caps at 91 this is great if you want to mass craft weapons. Weapons have 4 Rarities, Common Rare Epic Legenday ranging from worst to best stat wise.

Crews are a huge part of the server thanks to the pole leveling system. Once you start or join a crew you are able to claim poles scattered across the map, and kill other crews trying to capture your pole. each pole gives exp and money so they are often battled for. poles give all members online in the crew money and exp but also it puts money and exp into the crew giving it buffs to players and gets your crew recognised.

So this is the end of my begginers guide to Crew Conflict. it is nowhere near perfect but after reading if you'd leave feedback on what i done well and not so well so i can tweak it to optimise the amount of knowledge learned, feel free to come talk with me, i am usually active on server 2 Crew Conflict every single day.

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