Add-ons Couple of addon ideas (medic / food / healing items )

Apr 12, 2020
yo mommas house
I had a bit of a problem sometimes when I prestiged and put all my skill points into health improvement and when I accidentally hurt myself I usually couldnt heal up and needed to get a higher level to get the regen or jump off a building, die and respawn. (Most of this usually happened when i was alone in the server grinding)

I suggest you add a cook system, perhaps a home cooking system or a cook job in where you cant sell to NPCs but you can sell to players (they heal from the food, thats the benefit.)
I mean they could store it too for later.

Vending machines. Placed around the map, could be a weapons vending machine (like in elitelupus) or a food vending machine, so if you needed to heal up, find a vending machine, pay money and heal up.

I dont know if the medic job already exists but add a medic job or a pharmacist job or something that could sell players drugs (ones that ACTUALLY BENEFIT) For a fee of course.
This could add more variety in jobs and add more variety to merchants.

I know EVERYONE is gonna disagree with this but a Hunger bar. Obviously I bet you can modify it so it doesn't get in the way too much.
Mainly cause why not? On one hand I disagree but idk