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Dec 30, 2017
[CONTEST SUBMISSION #3] Solid, Menial Meth.
Location: CCRP #1 Behind lake.
Story: Death and Dom both brothers, both weird as hell, yet poor. Death was just getting in to his new school and needed to purchase a new apartment, but sadly had not a single cent in his pocket. Dom as the good brother and cook that he is offered a particularly weird job to Death, that he'd be doing now for about a month. Meth. Death at start wasn't very pleased with such a dangerous job and on top of that it was illegal. As the school year came closer, Dom kept pitching the idea to Death until he broke and went with him. Turned out Dom already had all the supplies, he just needed Death as a bodyguard really. They got in to Doms pickup, stole a trailer from a trailerpark and went straight for the forest. Finding a forest wasn't hard outside of Nazi Germany, so they went as deep as they could in the first one they found. They turned up to a nice beautiful lake and decided to set up their operation on one side of it, next to some cliffs. There they produced meth for months, earning them millions. They even left some of their clothes and item behind, since they kept coming back so often. Sadly later they got caught when Death was using his own meth in his new school. No one knows what'll happen next, but their operation is still there, in the forest, the deep deep forest.

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Mar 9, 2018
[CONTEST SUBMISSION #2] Highly Secure House
Story: A Rich Family That Has prepared for the Purge they hired guys to add a new Security System to there house as a lot of people targeted the rich family as the Vader of the family runs a big business he was a bad boss for the workers so the workers always wanted him killed so to get his money and to take over his business there son already was killed in a purge so they wanted to make sure there second son was safe behind a fence
description: a building with a fence around to avoid the purgers i like to give some credit to ecilop as he helped me with this build

Dec 11, 2018
[CONTEST SUBMISSION #1] Abandoned Train station.
Story: This "map" was built by me and Fasnodasa for future events. Alot of props and alot of hours put into it. Its is supposed to be a trainstation that has been abandoned after the first zombie invasion happened. With (imagine) wrecked cars and burning debrie on the parkinglot. With corpses dangling from a rope inside the high roofed trainstation. The derailed trained was delivering medical supplies when it crashed.. Now the only survivors are hiding out in the nearby supermarket, scavenging food and material from the evocity.



Aug 20, 2017
United Kingdom
[CONTEST SUBMISSION #1] Water Front House ,
was built for evo city.
Story: So you have had a long day at work raiding people steeling money, cars and being the big shot that you are and it is now time to go and rest, so you decide to go to your lake side house.
Not much to say about it other than it being a place to relax away from all the crime.


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