Community update CrewConflictRP Custom Downtown

Since yesterday the server has been locked due to a new update. This new update introduces a new custom downtown version for Drew's Community CrewConflictRP. The map is of course based upon downtown tits which we had prior to this, but is very improved and simply awesome. I can say there are many secret rooms and hiding spots! There are other changes with this update as well which I will get into.

In this updated I cleaned up some jobs and all the playermodels, most new models are now GTA models which are pretty small in size and simple, we are gonna add more models of course, but it was about time to clean up. The size of the server was reduced from 5g to 3.5gb. Which im very happy with, these models are also excellent optimized and costs little to render.

Optimization scripts
Several optimization scripts has been added

New F4
Both CCRP and SWRP had an update to the F4 menu. SWRP have used it for a while, but now CCRP also has it and I increased it in size since last time. Also added radios back to the F4 menu which you can use to communicate with other players.

Inventory changes
You can now max drop 5 crates per 5 minutes, and "secured" crates will be removed after 5 minutes. This is to prevent lag, but if you are running a shop where the crates are priced and unsecured they won't be removed. You can also open the inventory through F4 now.

New weathermod
Updated the weather mode, the one we have now didn't make a big difference on the FPS like the old one did. If it does, you can actually just set the quality down. We also added lights to the F4 menu so if its dark you can spawn a campfire, tiki torch, oil lamp or a combine light.

Custom jobs
Custom jobs are currently removed and I will rebuild the content addon for them for those that still has custom jobs. I have not removed them for good, don't worry.

We've also updated the door UI.