Community update april

Hello! so I decided to call this a community update since the april update counts for both servers. Its not a huge update, but it was some work. A lot of the content has been updated and new addons has been added and will get added over time. Now that I see people coming to our servers again I feel more motivated to try to bring DC back into a popular state. SWRP has been doing very well for a good time, so thanks to everyone there, the players, the staff team and @Hades you guys did so CrewConflictRP was able to stay up. So lets get to it.

- Added claim system for printers ( You can now claim max 10 printers, and it takes 10 money withdrawls to claim a printer )
- Reduced the time to print, the printers are now faster going from ( 100 seconds without upprades to 75, and with upgrades from 85 to 50 )
- Added deathcards you can buy ( like in call of duty )
- Replaced the ATM system with a new one, its sort the same, but the other one had some bugs ( All accounts are saved and transfered over )
- Updated an optimization addon

- Updated all workshop collection addons
- Updated an optimization addon
- Added spicy memes
I also pinged very early in the morning, because it was when I was done. It takes a while to remove so many addons and install them again. Hope the it works fine, otherwise we will fix it.