Community update 11

The new CrewConflictRP update is finally here and this is a big update, with alot of changes. We've gone back to our roots and tried to bring back some of the elements which made it really fun. We have now mixed that with the new fun things we've added. We have also changed a lot and for some of you it will be different, but I hope everyone will find it awesome. There is something that needs to be clarified though. The new crew mod is not ready yet, but we are launching the update with the old crew system. This will require us to replace the crews later.

So crews data will be deleted when the new crew mod comes (only the crews will be deleted).

Workshop collection:

Lets take a look at some of the changes

The wipe
This is a very big part of the update. The wipe, we decided to wipe everything so people can start over. This is something we had to do in order to introduce a new weapon system and rebalance printers, weapons, leveling and some stats.

The new gun weapon system is called TFA. It is a very good weapon base with a lot of configuration and variety in weapons, it's also receiving new weapons on the workshop very often which can make it easier for us to add new weapons. You can also configure alot of options for it on your Q menu on options.

Content and workshop collection
The content has also been reworked. We have now different models and different content from cars to jobs, we have also had some custom playermodels made. The workshop collection was also remade and is now including everything you need.

Many jobs have been modified. We have first of all made the scoreboard more clean by putting the jobs into more categories. Premium and VIP will find their jobs in different categories like US marshal will be in "government". Specific changes to jobs:
- Sheriff, sheriff deputy and cadet are now added to replace the cops.
- Premium thief and master thief have received new models. These new models have bodygroup options which you can adjust.
- Terrorists now have a different model.
- Border Patrol added.
- SWAT playermodels replaced.
- Homeland Security added. This job can base and print in the nexus.
- Cult member and cult leader added.
- Oil refiner added.
- Gun dealer now has shelves to put guns in, and he sells decent guns now.
- Black market dealer also now has shelves.
- Cuffs have been added to cult and premiums so they can kidnap people.

Changes have been made to both weapons, economy and leveling. First of all we have nerfed printers again, so it doesn't inflate the economy as much as it use to and it was also done to slow down leveling abit. We have also made changes to leveling it will be slower now because we will only use (double XP and 4X XP) for events. It will no longer be activated all time. Remember with this normal players won't be able to reset their skills without prestiging. All of this is done because we want to make the experience fun and not just level up in no time to then get bored really fast. The price for prestiges has also been increased. Run speed and jump height are also decreased.

Weapon balance
New weapons will not do as much damage as our previous guns do, this is because want to extend the fights and make them more fun. Players that have been playing here before we got the craftingmod knows how it use to be when guns didn't do so much damage which was very fun. You get longer and more fun fights and raids. There is also now more rare to get blueprints than before it is now 5% chance, it use to be 10%. Gun dealer has also received guns that actually are decent depending on their price tags. We have also added new weapons to the government which are balanced around the good weapons you craft.

New cars and new car dealer
There is now many more car dealers and new cars which are very good. Every car has been redone and we have even received custom skins made by CCTV. He has carefully selected every car and we now have a much better and complete car collection. Premium has also received their own car dealer now.

Oil and drugs
Oil mod is now added, and you can use it in the oilfields. We have also done so you get experience from the "gdrugs" such brewing alcohol, growing different types of drugs. Meth should also now be a good option once again.

The military and terrorists can now fight over points. One is located in the oilfields and one is located in the park. Capturing these gives a small reward.

Server two always had accessories, but now we are putting it on both servers. The prices on these are very high.

New hud
We have also installed a hud we had some time ago.

New report and admin tracker
If you need to report something to an admin now you just have to do @message. We also now track the admins claims, duty time and total time.

New crew mod
The new crewmod like I said will be installed once its done.

A special thanks to:
@CCTV For doing all car related stuff and even making custom textures, he also suggested most police changes.
@Solid Has been testing everything that has been installed, and most stuff was tested more than once. He also suggested many of the changes.
@Luca$ / Voyager Has also been helping Solid test.
@Soka Making a database panel and also testing
@Xirii Installing the new loadingscreen, also suggested many changes.
@RickJames Helping out with the new admin tracker.