Claimable printers


Staff member
Nov 30, 2015
Claimable printers are back. Recently a new printer base hit gmod called "sPrint". These printers you can choose to just operate one by one or put them all in a "printer rack" to make it more efficient. I've also done so you only need to upgrade one printer once, so its easier and less time consuimg to setup.

Also its important to remember these printers are claimable so that means if you raid these printers you can put them in your "Printer Bag". When you get to your base empty your bag and if you put them in your printer rack you can still claim them, you don't have to press one by one. Simply using the printer rack will claim them for you.

It still takes 15 takes from a printer, but these printers prints fast so its a 30 sec cooldown on each take. We are also back to premium and VIP printers. Premium got access to tier 4 and VIP got access to tier 3.

How many printers each can buy:
Premium: 16 (Fill up two racks)
VIP: 12 (1/2 rack)
Normal: One rack (8 printers).
Next to this you can also raid printers. So you can hold up to 16 extra printers which is two racks. Hope all of you will enjoy!