Christmas update


The Christmas update is here, and its bringing some holiday spirit!
Here are a list of some of the changes:

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations have been added and they will be placed around the map, with the decorations we also added 2 new jobs. A Santa and The Grinch.
Santa is a cop and The Grinch is a thief.

Christmas printers
Yes the Christmas printers are here now, there are 3 different Christmas printers. One for premium, one for VIP and one for normal players. There are no level requirements on these.

The weather mod is back in because we want snow for this event, the weather is set to always be cold.

NPC shops
Two new shops have been added, one materials vendor which sells bars and one blueprint shop which sells blueprints. These are extremely expensive and that is because we want players to still sell to eachother, but if you do have alot of money you can buy them.

IP change
The new IP for CrewConflictRP 1 Evocity is:
The new IP for CrewConflict 2 Downtown is:

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