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Jul 10, 2017
United States of America
Basic Details
  • Username: Chap01920
  • Age: 17
  • Location/Timezone: United States, Central Time Zone
  • Server Preference: Both
  • Are you/were you a mentor on our server? No
  • When did you join the server? 2016 -2017
  • Are you part of our Discord? Chap019
Your Experience
  • Have you Administered a Garry's Mod server before, if yes, do you have experience of ULX & DarkRP administrative tools?: Yes I have experience
  • If you have administered a server, what would you consider to be your most difficult situation?: Admins who are able to demonstrate a cool and calm demeanour when dealing with players is of upmost importance. The most difficult situation would have to be having to deal with people not wanting to RP and are just going around RDMing, Spaming Chat, Using Voice chat to be Annoying, Etc.
  • If you have never administered a Garry's Mod server before, have you administered any others (Besides your own)?: Crew Conflict RP
A bit more about you

I am 17 years old, doing Online School just because ever since Covid started I was forced to do Online and going back to school for me right now is just not something I would like to do since I really am not used to it anymore. I currently work as a manager at a food restaurant making a decent amount for a 17 year old. I'm really excited drew has opened up the server again now that I can still put in a good amount of hours as I don't work till the afternoon.
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