CGI Update 2.0

A few days ago, Hades posted a suggestion to this very forum. The suggestion was to bring back CGI to the SWRP server and you definitely had your opinions heard!

As of writing this post, the poll stands at 39 votes for CGI and 1 vote to remain on BF2. We are happy to announce that we are officially going back to CGI.

As you will see in the update, we have access to HD CGI models. These have the beauty of BF2 with the style of CGI and what makes these models better is they are less strenuous on the server and your PCs.

Along with the return to CGI, a regimental fix has been included. So, I have gone through all of your requests and added them. Hopefully fixing any issues that the regiments had.

We now have new jobs available and these are: Count Dooku, Senator, Jocasta Nu, Security Officer and 212th Paratrooper. You will see these new jobs throughout your time on the server in an event or just day-to-day activities.

The Prone Mod that @Ferret suggested has also been added. I expect to see 50 daily pushups.
@Drewbie did fix the map change so expect more planetaries now.

This couldn't be done as quick and efficent without the help of @Xan .

Oh and, CG and any person who has the SB2 in their equipment, buckshot ammo has been given to you.

All the new models are in the collection being

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